Code of Conduct

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HAWKS Code of Conduct

1. I will treat everyone associated with this team and league with respect.

2. I will treat the wrestling room and equipment with respect.

3. I will not leave the wrestling room except by permission from the coach.

4. I will always be where I am supposed to be, when I am supposed to be.

5. At matches/tournaments, I will carry myself as a disciplined athlete and make those around me proud to be associated with me. Unacceptable behavior may result in sitting out the next event or dismissal from the team. (Throwing headgear, tantrums, refusing to shake hands, poor sportsmanship like conduct, etc.)

6. As a parent, I will respect the rules that my child is obligated to and set an example for those around me. I will offer support to my child (win or lose) and understand that is not all about WINNING, but rather, the honor to compete.

7. I will wear the appropriate/requested clothing, at both practice & events.

8. I will choose NOT to use words that may offend those around me.

9. I will take care of and keep track of my personal equipment, as well as my wrestling singlet which I shall return at the end of the season.

10. I will wear my headgear as requested by my coach until I am told to remove it.

11. I will maintain my grades and complete all homework.

12.Wrestlers Parent MUST email me if they will be missing a meet for any reason by Monday morning PRIOR to the meet.

13. On the morning of a meet or tournament, should I become ill or unable to attend the upcoming match (or running late for any reason), I shall contact Doug Makosy PRIOR to the arrival time specified on his cell phone.  Failure to call will result in your son being scratched from the meet, and could possibly result in suspension for the weeks next meet.