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Background Checks

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West Branch Little Warriors Basketball Association takes the safety of our players very seriously. Our policy moving forward will require that all West Branch coaches and board members who are on the courts with the players complete a background check.

It is the intent of this policy to establish certain guidelines wherein the West Branch Little Warriors Basketball Association (“WBLW BB”) can seek to protect children registered in the WBLW BB’s league by investigating the background of volunteers who will be coaching in sanctioned athletic programs. 

I. Statement
Criminal background screening on coaches is conducted by an outside third party which specializes in such work, and overseen by the WBLW BB President, and in some circumstances with the guide of the Board of Directors (“Board”). This is executed in an effort to protect the children who participate in our basketball league and related activities associated with WBLW BB.

II. Definitions
WBLW BB  recognizes a coach as any person who leads and instructs players at practices and/or games - or portions of practices and/or games - for a basketball in-house, travel or tournament team.

The criminal background screening is mandatory, there are no exceptions.

III. Procedure
All candidates for the above mentioned positions must complete the form at the link provided, which gives WBLW BB the right to check criminal history records and verify social security numbers. This work is executed by Averity, online and secured.

No other personal information (e.g. work history, financial, credit, etc.) is checked or researched. The company executing background checks has agreed to such terms contractually, and confirms such direction annually.

The company never forwards any individual's information to the league where no issues are discovered.

In the event information surfaces via the background check, the WBLW BB President will review such background check information to determine coaching eligibility under the advisement of the BOARD. Only the President and members of the Board will review data obtained, which will then be processed discreetly. All information is strictly confidential and will not be made public under any circumstances.

Reasons for being declined the opportunity to coach are noted below as part of this policy. In some instances, factors of time may be taken into account when considering coaching eligibility (i.e. length of time since disposition of certain offenses).

The decision of the President and/or BOARD may be appealed, for the purpose of clarifying facts or explaining extenuating circumstances.

All criminal history record information will be promptly destroyed at the end of the current West Branch Little Warriors Basketball Season.

All coaches are required to notify the BOARD immediately following an arrest or conviction on any of the listed offenses. Any coach, who while coaching for WBLW BB is arrested for committing an offense as listed, will immediately forfeit his/her coaching eligibility until disposition by the courts. A conviction of an offense as listed will result in termination of coaching eligibility as stated in the policy.

The following automatic disqualifiers are important to note:

·         An applicant provides inaccurate information on their application.

·         References provide unpleasant or disturbing information about the potential volunteer.

·         If the volunteer themselves provide information that raises questions about their own motives as a volunteer.

·         If the volunteer refuses to complete the screening process.

The following is a list of offenses prohibiting an applicant from participation as a coach under WBLW BB -- offenses including but not limited to the following:

- Arson
- Assault (including aggravated and sexual)
- Aggravated Kidnapping
- Aggravated Robbery
- Crimes against Children (including abandonment, abuse, endangerment, pornography, possession or promotion of pornography, enticement, solicitation, sale or purchase of, injury to, or indecency)
- Criminally Negligent Homicide
- Deadly Conduct
- Delivery of Marijuana
- Manufacture of or Delivery of a controlled substance or dangerous drug
- Any violation of a law intended to control the possession or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug
- Indecent Exposure
- Injury to Elderly or Disabled
- Intoxication Manslaughter
- Kidnapping
- Manslaughter (voluntary or involuntary)
- Murder
- Prohibited Sexual Conduct
- Prostitution (including promotion of, aggravated promotion of)
- Public Lewdness
- Rape
- Sexual Abuse
- Marijuana Possession*
- Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired (DWI) / Driving Under the Influence (DUI)*
- Theft**

*If a first offense and not currently under probation --- eligible, but cannot drive any child other than his/her own. More than one violation has occurred or currently on probation --- ineligible.

**Eligibility dependent upon the severity and length of time since offense occurred.