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OBA Arm Care Evolution

The following article speaks to the prevention of arm trouble with our minor league players.  In the 2020 season there is a proposal to adjust the pitch count rule going forward.  This article will give coaches and parents information going forward as we prepare for these new proposed rules being used in the Inter County.  Please click on the link below for the article from OBA


Arm Care Evolution

Rowan's Law and Concussion Information

2019 Ejection and Protest Guidelines

The following document will help coaches understand their position when it comes to following up on ejections of players and or coaches.  The document goes through the process of reporting and understanding ejections at the team level.  It also gives some ideas on how to lodge a protest and follow through with the process.  Please click on the link provided to obtain the Ejection-Protest document

Good info for Coaches

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Intro to Pitching

Baseball Mechanic

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Hitting, Pitching, Etc.

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Hitting Instruction

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Strategy Guide

Animated strategies.