Frequently Asked Questions


When does the season start?

We run two seasons a year.  Each season consists of 12 regular season games plus an end of season double elimination playoff.  Fall Season sign ups are in August and the first games are played late September or early October.  Fall Season wraps up before Christmas break.  The Spring season sign ups are in January , with games beginning around the 1st of March.  Spring season wraps up before the kids are out of school for the summer.

What days are games?

We do not have a designated day of the week for games.  We understand that kids have many other activities and clubs they may be involved in.  Games days are spread out and can occur on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Your team will have either two or three games on each of these days during the season and only one or two games per week.  Week day games begin at 6:30pm for the youngest group and 7:30pm for the Middle and Oldest group.  (the oldest group occasionally has 8:30pm games)  There is usually only one Saturday per season that we have league games, and all teams will have 2 games on this day. This is our Super Saturday fundraiser event where we have one day full of Hockey, food and fun.

When do you have practices?

Teams mainly practice once a week at a regular designated time on Sunday afternoon/early evening.  Teams may have additional practices before game play begins or throughout the season depending on player and rink time availability.

Can girls play?

Absolutely,  we have quite a few girls that currently play and we welcome many more.  We do not have a seperate league for girls as Roller Hockey is a sport where girls and boys play together.  Roller Hockey is different from ice hockey in that it is a non contact sport. 

What age do you have to be?

Ages are from 5 to 17 years of age for our youth leagues.  We are also planning to begin an adult league, so if interested please inquire.  

My child has never even skated before, let alone play hockey, is this something they will teach them?

Yes.  No experience is needed.  We have many coaches and clinics to help your child learn to skate and play hockey.  We have three groups that players are seperated in, called Lower House, Middle House and Upper House.  Your child will be placed on a team in one of these groups with consideration to their age and ability. 

 What does it cost?

First time players under 10 years of age only pay $50 otherwise it is $130 per season.  There are some discounts for siblings and refferals.  This fee includes your Jersey you get to keep. 


What equipment is required and where can I get it?

Minimum equipment required is Inline Skates, helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, hockey gloves, inline pants and a hockey stick.  Most people purchase their equipment online or at a couple of pro shops not too far from here.  (Play it Again Sports, Fayetteville and the SGAA Dual Deck Pro shop in Snellville)  We also have a consignment sale at the beginning of each season where you can find some great deals on used equipment from our league members.  

Do you play on a rink and what kind of surface do they skate on?

Our Hockey rink is at Avalon Park in McDonough. (there is a directions link on home page).  Avalon has a regulation size hockey rink that has hockey boards/glass and a pavilion style roof over the top.  Our rink looks just like a normal ice hockey rink except the surface we play on is sport court.  The players wear inline roller blades that have "softer" wheels which allow you to stop the same way you would on ice.

Where can we play ice hockey in Henry County?

Unfortunately, there are no ice rinks in Henry County (all ice rinks are on the north side of Atlanta) but, if you are not familiar with roller hockey, you will be surprised how similar it is to ice hockey.  Roller hockey is played almost the same way as ice, but with a few rules differences.  Roller is played with four skaters and a goalie, there is no offsides and no checking.  This makes Roller a very fast and wide open game with lots of scoring. Roller hockey is a great way for someone who may be interested in ice hockey later on, to learn the game.  Many of our players have gone on to play ice hockey as they get older and have been very successful.  One more advantage of roller hockey is that it costs significantly less to play than ice hockey.

Who else plays Roller Hockey around Atlanta?

There are at least 6 different youth leagues in the metro area as well as Middle school and High school leagues.  The largest facility, in Snellville, even holds national level tournaments for travel teams around the country.  McDonough has teams that compete in all of these levels of play. Check our "LINKS" on our homepage for links to each of these organizations web sites.