SPFast Launches Successful Junior Coach Program

December 17, 2017

SPFast experimented with a volunteer junior coaching program for 7th and 8th graders to help with our younger age groups during a fall clinic in 2017.  It was so well received that some of our 6th graders wanted to help out as well.  As a result, we had 9 girls who volunteered their time to help give back to our younger age groups.

In order to participate, a junior coach has to maintain at least an 85 (B+) grade point average. Due to its success, we will be extending the program into our spring season to include 6th thru 8th graders to help out with our 8U and 10U teams. The junior coach will be mentored by the head and assistant coaches covering a wide range of softball responsibilities.

Upon successful completion, she will receive a letter of recommendation based on skills taught and her contributions to our program.  We understand, the many time commitments that our young students and athletes are challenged by.  As a result, we ask that the junior coaches participant in any clinics, practices and/or games that do not conflict with their educational and own softball program commitments.  More information on how to register for our junior coach program will follow shortly.

Following are our Inaugrual 2017 Junior Coaches and Montclair Softball player personalized Recommendation Letters:

Junior Coach Amelia S

Junior Coach Julia S

Junior Coach Maisie S

Junior Coach Sairah L

Junior Coach Sydney P

Junior Coach Taylor H

Junior Coach Theresa D