2018 Summer Weight Training

Summer Weight Training will be four days a week.  Sessions will be Monday thru Thursday.  Just like in years past, the time will be from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.  Players will be divided into two groups.  One group will start in the weight room while the other will start with Speed/Agility Training.

Summer weight training is an important part of getting your body ready for the demands of the season.  It is also an opportunity to build relationships with other players and coaches which are important in dealing with adversity that will show during the season.

The benefit of moving to a Monday thru Thursday schedule will allow all of our Centennial families to take weekend trips.

If as an athlete those times do not work for you. Please contact a coach and we can make arrangements that may be able to fit your schedule better.  Not lifting is not an option.  There is always a choice.  Remember, There Are No Surprises.