What is 48 Baseball?

One of the great advantages of a community sports program (one that does not exist in club sports programs) can be found in the word “community.”  Children make friends and families come together in a community sports program.  On the other hand, club (select) sports are expensive and often isolating.  One of the primary complaints from children who drop out of sports is that the game is not fun.  The goal of 48 Baseball is to create a fun, economically friendly community based environment that focuses on skill development while never sacrificing the continued pursuit of a healthy love of the game in our older age divisions.

Our Past-President, Randy Floyd proposed a re-branding of the GYBA program intended to create an affordable quality baseball experience for Georgetown area youth baseball players by offering defined teaching objectives and learning outcomes to promote baseball skills development.  

After putting several of the concepts into play during the Spring and Fall 2015, and the Spring and Fall 2016 seasons we continue to move forward with the implementation of this program, without losing focus of what our mission is and who we serve....the recreational baseball community of the Georgetown area.

What does the term "48 Baseball" mean?

The branding of the 48 program originates from two ideas.  The first being Georgetown was incorporated as a city in 1848.  We are the Georgetown Youth Baseball Association composed of participants and members from the Georgetown area.  The second being a re-emphasis on the learning and development taking place in our 4U through 8U programs.  We are looking to keep our 4U-8U programs as more developmental and instructional in nature, without placing too much emphasis on the competitive side of the game.  We want and encourage our players and parents to start thinking of GYBA as the place they want to play baseball from the age of 3/4 through the age of 14, and once they move from 8U coach pitch into kid pitch, they are moving into a more exciting form of baseball closer to what the game is intended to be.  

How is 48 Baseball different from the old AL/NL?

Currently GYBA divides the 9U/10U division into two tiers.  A D1 and D2.  D1 teams consist of fully protected teams with rosters submitted to the Commissioners by league deadlines.  D2 consists of teams made up of 6 or less protected players, with the remaining roster spots being drafted players.  D1 and D2 players will play limited regular season inter-league games against each other, and be provided their own tournaments during season.  So, as you can, there is not a large change from the old AL/NL split except the number of protects in each league.  

In our 12U and 14U divisions we currently have only one division as in the past.  Teams consist of fully protected teams with rosters submitted to the Commissioners by league deadlines.  In cases where teams are not fully protected, a draft is held to fill the remaining roster spots.  

I live in Terra Vista, or other GISD neighborhoods, but my kids go to St. Helens, Grace Academy, Meridian, Zion, are home schooled, other formats.  Can my player play at GYBA?

Yes, nothing has changed.  We have players that sometimes travel up to 50 miles one way to play in our league.  We do not discriminate in anyway, even if you live in areas outside of the Georgetown area.

We just moved to town and don't know anyone that is forming a 48 D1 team, is there a way to get my player on one of these teams?

Coaches who may be missing a player or two will be allowed to hold a tryout once they pay the registration fee, and all players or potential players are registered.  All tryouts should take place before the deadline for team roster submissions. Coaches may also be holding tryouts in locations other than GYBA fields.  It is best to communicate and develop relationships with your Commissioners to make sure they know who you are and that your player has a passion for the game.  

Will I be on the same team as last season?

Team composition is determined each season by the coach and the League Commissioners via protection lists and drafts.  As in the past, we cannot guarantee placement on a team.

Can my player play in D1 and D2 on two teams, or play up and down from 10U to 12U, etc.?

Players are only allowed to be on one official league roster.  The policy of allowing players to be picked-up for games due to teams being short players is stated in the rule book.  Players should only be picked up when they will have less the necessary number of players to start a game.  The recruiting of players by coaches is prohibited and coaches/players may be ejected from the League if it is determined a player has been recruited during season.  Additionally, players playing in GYBA or 48 Baseball, cannot be on select rosters, unless the GYBA or 48 Baseball team registers to play an outside tournament not conflicting with their GYBA/48 Baseball schedule.  GYBA does not allow this to insure all registered players are committed to their League teams.

Will my player still be eligible for Centex All-Stars?

Yes.  The eligibility rules for Centex are not affected.  All players must have been registered with GYBA for the spring season of the current year.  They must have played for a recreational team during the spring season at that associations and must have participated in at least half of their team events during that spring season.  If a player has played for a team in a sanctioned tournament like Nations, Super Series, USSSA, Triple Crown or other between the March cut-off date and the start of the Centex Tournament they are not eligible to be placed on a Centex All-Star team.

Can my player play on a select team and a GYBA/48 Baseball team?

No.  League rules prohibit players being on select team rosters (defined as teams not associated or registered in GYBA).  If league officials are made aware, the player will be removed from the league.  We do this to insure a commitment to the GYBA team, and make sure the players body is not being over used.