League Rules, Rosters, Policies and Forms

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CMLC League Rules and Regulations - 2019 (Subject to Change)

CMLC Rules & Regulations - 2019 (Click Here)

Batters Area (Click Here)


Code of Conduct - Appendix "1" - CMLC League

Park Policies - Appendix "2" - Jaycee Slo-Pitch Park

Bat Policy - Appendix "3" - CMLC League 2018

Click Here To Download (Bat Policy)

Notice of Appeal - Appendix "4" - CMLC League

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Appeals are only accepted with-in 6 days of notification or date of posted suspension on this site, it is the responsibility of the suspended to have the appeal form fully filled out and have it in hand to the league/park with-in that 6 days or the appeal will not be accepted. Persons are not allowed on facillity property, at any league/park functions/events at any time during this process.

Cannibis Policy - Appendix "5"

Roster 2019 - CMLC League

Click Here To Download 2019 League Roster

League Rosters must be turned in on your teams night of play per deadline dates below.

  • Men's Div 1 / 2 / 3 – May 21
  • Ladies Div. A / B / C – May 22
  • Men's Div. 4 / 5 / 6 – May 23
  • Coed Sunday A / B / C – May 26
  • Coed Monday A / B / C – May 27

Please drop your roster off with a league representative or arrangements can be made for pick-up.

Anyone playing in the CMLC League must be on a signed league roster before they play. NO Exceptions. If you have a player that is not on your team's roster, a forfeit(s) will occur, the team may be suspended and fined. The player may also lose playoff privileges in the CMLC League and park.

Roster Release Form - Under Age Player