League Administrative History

February 14, 1953 

President - Reno J. Biondi
Incorporation of Pony League of LaGrange for 13-14 year olds. Played ball at "East View Park" and held meetings at LaGrange Recreation which used the Police Station at 300 W. Burlington.

1954 President - Amos Flint
There were four teams of fifteen players each in uniform with 32 additional players with caps and tee shirts. Sponsor Fees were $100, and the teams were: Calendar Motors, Electromotive, LaGrange Sport Shop and Mabin Realtors.

1955 President - Richard Kopp
Sponsor fees went to $160 for the same teams.

LaGrange Federal replaced Calendar Motors and sponsored for about forty years.

1965 President - Harlan L. Conley

1966 President - Henry Montgomery

1967 President - Pat McNally
Banquet at Foree's Restaurant with six teams participating: LaGrange Federal, Community Memorial Hospital, Electromotive, Lockhart's Sport Shop, Granger Olds, and Home Hardware. First year to take in players from south of LaGrange boundary. Also Joe Skokna and Fritz Ploegman joined the program with Joe still coaching our boys. Wrote to the White Sox for equipment and received tickets to the annual Cubs/Sox game.

1971 President - Herb Fransen
Now "Sedgwick Park" named formerly East View Park. Nine teams now for Pony/Colt League levels. Sponsors: Continental Motors, Edgewood Bank, Electromotive, Fey Jewelers, LaGrange Federal, LaGrange State Bank, Pet Paraders, Somers Insurance, and Sorensen Studios.

Became "Big League" Senior Boys Baseball.

1975 President - Clyde Koehn
Became LaGrange Babe Ruth League at both Junior and Senior levels. At this point, the Junior level was maintained, while the Senior boys (16-18) merged with Brookfield Babe Ruth to form Western Conference Babe Ruth.

1981-83 Presidents - Hank Powers & Tom Eklow

Bill Johnson took a 13 year old Prep team and kept that spot for about nine years before moving to equipment.

Lights were installed on the senior field.

1984 President - Al Martin

1985 President - Hank Power

1986 President - Rick Hibbert
(Sports Editor at the Suburban Life). .

1987-88 President - Dick Suddreth
In 1987 Manager Joe Skokna took his Western Conference All-star team to third place in the National Tournament. The team was composed of many LaGrange players. In 1988 LaGrange Babe Ruth hosted the 17-18 year old State Tournament with Western Conference as our team took the State Championship.

1989 President - Chuck Mally

1990 President - Marty Lynch
Consolidated LaGrange, Western Springs and Pleasantdale at the Junior and Prep levels. LaGrange Babe Ruth Senior Level re established to allow all players (13 -18) the opportunity to play ball. The committee was John Arvanites, Larry Gierut, Marty Lynch, Chuck & Karen Mally, Gene & Karen Rogala, Bob Turgeon, Dominic Violante, Bill Johnson and Carl Young.

1991 President - Chuck Mally
Our 14 year old & 17-18 year old All Star Teams won the District Championship and advanced to the state tournaments.

1992 President - Marty Lynch
Our 16 year old All Star Team won the District Championship and advanced to the state tournament. Changed umpire associations upgrading to umpires that do semi-professional games, and started our own group of college students umpiring for the Prep Level. Prep and Junior division started wearing replica uniforms and hats.

1993-94 President - Bill Strauss
Established inter-league play between LaGrange Babe Ruth and Western Conference in the Senior division for boys 16 - 18 years of age. We hosted the 16 year old state tournament which our team won. During this tournament, all of the games were broadcast over Lyons Township High School radio station WLTL. Our team also played in the Championship Game of the Regionals at Niles, Michigan in 1994; one game away from the World Series. For the first time, we opened and operated the concession stand owned by the Park District of LaGrange during the district and state tournaments. With the money earned we were able to contribute to the renovation of the big field, making this one of the best fields anywhere.

1995-96 President - Dean Bissias
Major renovations of both baseball diamonds at Sedgwick Park took place, including a new scoreboard, a sprinkling system and a sound system on the big field, complete drainage system on the small field and the "Penthouse" for 1997. In 1995 we hosted the 16 year old State Tournament which our team fought hard to a second place finish. In 1996 the same could be said for our 17-18 year olds. Again games were broadcast over WLTL of LTHS.

1997 President - Dean Bissias
Renovations continued to our "Penthouse" throughout the winter of 1997-8. The league has worked hard at providing an excellent facility to play baseball. In 1997, our 13-year-old All Star Team won the State Tournament in Charleston and went on to represent us very well in the Babe Ruth Regional in Owensboro, Kentucky. Our 15-year-old All Star Team won the District Title in Brookfield and went on to play in the State Tournament in Mattoon.

1998 President - Dean Bissias
The "Penthouse" project was completed and it currently serves as our clubhouse. This much needed improvement is an asset to Sedgwick Park, and will allow us to play host to many tournaments. In 1998, we hosted the Babe Ruth 13 year-old District Tournament which our boys won to advance to "State". We also hosted two State Tournaments (14 and 16 to 18 Year Olds) which our 14's won. These boys went on to finish 3rd in the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament in Connersville, Indiana.

1999 President - Jeff Kraus
Dean Bissias stepped down after four years of serving as president. During Dean's administration, we saw significant improvements to our field, including construction of the "Penthouse". In the summer of 1999, we hosted the 14 year-old District Tournament which our boys won and proceeded to win the State Tournament in Elgin. and the 15 year-old State Tournament as well as the 16-18 year-old State Tournament. Our 13 year-old All Star Team won the District Tournament. After 32 years of service, Joe Skokna who was very dedicated, retired. We all wish him well and thank him for his years of service to the program.

2000 President - Jeff Kraus
A new scoreboard was built for the Prep Field, which required a larger electric distribution panel installed in the field house. A new communication system was installed on the senior field linking the two dugouts to the clubhouse. The concession stand received a face-lift with new plumbing installed and it's electrical system totally rewired. Our 13 and 14 year-old All Star Teams won their respective District Tournaments. Our 16 year-old All Star Team took third place in the State Tournament. Inter league play was started with Westmont Babe Ruth at the senior level. Our first annual golf outing was a success. A fall ball league was initiated for the graduating 12 year-olds.

2001-02 President - Jeff Kraus
Many improvements were made to the operations of the concession stand including electrical and plumbing service. The concession stand has a new refrigerator and new screens to keep it more efficient to operate. The fencing was repaired at both of our fields.

2003-12 President - Scott Musillami

2012-17 President - Phil Helding

Joined the LGBR board in 2004 and served as VP and GM of Prep and Junior divisions for the subsequent 8 years. He aggressively pursued commercial sponsors that enabled yearly field improvements. He became President in 2011 upon the retirement of Scott Musillami. He continued to be a generous donor even while serving as President. Served as manager on many occasions and constructed the Manager's Manual that is distributed each year to new managers as well as beginning the coach certification program. He continuously did whatever was needed to keep the league viable. He was a champion of fee scholarships for any family in need of financial assistance.

2017- Today President - John Tuohy





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