Thunderstorm Policy

If thunder or lightning is observed all players will vacate the fields for 25 minutes.  If observed prior to game start the start time will be delayed until the 25 minute time has expired.  This timer resets each time thunder/lightning is observed.

Rain Policy

In the event of rain while playing if the temperature and amount of rain is deemed acceptable by the LFPS Board play will continue.  Otherwise, games will pause or delay starting until the rain has passed.

Field Conditions

Field conditions will be assessed 90 minutes before games start time if possible in the event of heavy raining prior to games in order to give teams early notice that their game(s) will be postponed.  Field 1 will accept a great deal more rain than Field 2 will so there may be cases where games on Field 1 can be played and Field 2 games are postponed.

Parent Discretion

Parents may at any time decide that conditions are not acceptable for their child to play and can pull their child from a game.  Please notify your coach as soon as this decision is made so that they are aware.

Weather Prediction and Early Cancellations

In the event that the weather forecast is very clearly unfavorable to game play games will be called within 90 minutes of start time when possible.  In the event that conditions are potentially playable, it may or may not rain, etc. games should be assumed to be on until told otherwise.  Coaches will be notified as soon as possible but there may be cases where the call to postpone or delay a game cannot be made until game time.

Rescheduling Policy

It is up to the discretion of the LFPS Board in consultation with official umpires as to when the game is determined to be postponed, marked completed, or to be completed later.

In all cases if a game can be played it will be played due to a limited season time-frame and available days of play.  All postponed games will be made up unless it is not possible to make them up.  When games are postponed their reschedule date will be announced as soon as possible after consulting coaches and allowing coaches to consult their teams as well as ensure field time, LFPS Board support, and umpire availability.