Geez Spazman, how come hiring a DJ seems to be so expensive?When you hire a DJ to entertain at your event, that DJ can put several hours into your event beyond simply being on site spinning tunes and emceeing. There is at least 2 hours of set up and breakdown of equipment (including testing to ensure quality sound); travel to and from venue; song list preparation and organization; pre-event consultation(s); post-event follow-up with coordinator(s)/clients. The bottom line is that SpazmanSpins isn't trying to undercut or underbid fellow DJs, but to simply charge a rate that is affordable to people in today's challenged economy.

Do you have any hidden or surprise costs?
SpazmanSpins is up-front with pricing, expectations, and fees. There will be no hidden costs added on to your contract because once that bad boy is signed and sealed, it is binding. Any additional fees such as travel and additional performance time will be discussed and mutually agreed upon. There are available extras such as more ground-pounding bass from an added 15 inch subwoofer, and 2 more trapezoidal speakers, and added waycool lighting, but the need for those will be determined by making an informed and educated decision between you and SpazmanSpins.

Are you insured against liability?SpazmanSpins is 100% insured in case of accidental injury or damage caused by anyone associated with SpazmanSpins during the course of an event that is being entertained by SpazmanSpins. Per standard procedure, a personalized Certificate of Liability that is pertinent to your event may be presented upon request. The insurance carrier for SpazmanSpins is the Jay S. Potter Agency, located in Canandaigua, New York.

Why do we need to contract your services? Why won't a handshake suffice?
SpazmanSpins utilizes a contract in the interest of protecting you, the client. If a contract is agreed upon, and signed, the client is fully protected, and there is a clear and concise understanding of what is to be expected from all parties involved.

If my party begins at 7:00PM, when will you arrive and be ready to go?
SpazmanSpins will be on site and prepared to entertain at least 30 minutes before the agreed upon beginning time for your event, barring an act of God or circumstances beyond our control. So if the contracted begin time for your event is 7:00PM, SpazmanSpins will be fully functional by 6:30PM, if not earlier. SpazmanSpins, when available, will assist other vendors or people involved with the presentation of your event in preparation.

Like Jimi Hendrix says, "Are you experienced"?
Craig Simmons has extensive experience as an entertainer having been involved with every facet of the charismatic world of professional wrestling (including stints as an on-air and DVD commentator, and announcer); as a producer of public access television; as a radio personality; and as a DJ for private parties. Craig has the experience, knowledge, equipment, and ability to provide quality entertainment for your event that he guarantees you will be satisfied with.

Are you a member of any DJ or Entertainer associations?
At present SpazmanSpins is an independent source for entertainment and emceeing. The greatest benefit of being associated with an organization or association is discounted insurance rates, and opportunities to be listed. SpazmanSpins has had a long-time association with Jay S. Potter Agency and is continuing to do business with them, and Craig is adept at internet marketing and getting SpazmanSpins listed, so the money that we save on dues and fees is reflected in the low rates we are able to charge clients. We also adhere to the same business practices and professionalism that membership in an association demands. Being listed as a "Preferred Service" only means that the service paid extra to be moved to the top of the listing. It is no guarantee of quality.

Do you take requests for music?
Absolutely. At present we have a library of music that reflects many genres, and if we don't have the song that is asked for, we will play something by the same artist, or something similar, and will record the request for future reference.

Is customer service important to you?
SpazmanSpins believes that 'customer service' is a lost art and adheres to strict guidelines that serve the best interests of the client.

Why do DJs ask for a deposit?
A deposit is a guarantee that a requested date will be reserved for a client. SpazmanSpins requires a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total fee for services due upon signing of the SpazmanSpins Services Contract. If a DJ agrees that they will hold a date without a deposit, then the client cancels that date, there is no guarantee that the DJ can fill that date again, and may have turned away business for that day due it being held.