History of Nick Hardy 1932-1982.

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NICK HARDY 1932 - 1982

Written By Nick's Friends in 1983


There is an old Christian tradition that
God sends each person into this world
With a special message to deliver,
With a special song to sing for others
With a special act of love to bestow
No one else can speak my message
Or sing my song, or offer my act of love
These have been entrusted only to me.

** John Powell S.S. **

Nick delivered his message loud and clear
His song was one of caring for others
His act of love bestowed to our children
His pressnce touched everyone
And we are all better for it.


NICK HARDY by Father by J. Hannan

Spoken before the 4th Annual Memorial Swim Meet

Before we begin our event, However, I'd like to say a few words about the man in whose name we meet to compete. Many of you probably didn't know Nick Hardy personally. You should know, though, that he was a man that had a special dedication to the boys and girls of the Bellerose community, especially the boys and girls of St. Gregory's. He spent a great deal of time - Hundreds of hours each year - with boys and girls of your own age, whether it was softball or swimming. And he cared about all of you. He wasn't merely interested in the outstanding athlete, the boy or girl who was the fastest swimmer, or the girl who could hit a home run.He was concerned that all the boys and girls should compete - he knew that all of you have some athletic ability and wanted to see it developed. He believed that some sports were good for each of you and he encouraged whatever talent a boy or girl possessed. This swim meet is held to keep alive the memory of NICK HARDY and to help spread his spirit; a spirit of concern and sportsmanship, a belief in developing one's own talents and then sharing your gifts, to support and encourage others. The most outstanding impression NICK HARDY made on me was several years ago on a morning very similar to this one, a cold day. I can't remember precisely whether there was much snow on the ground, although i think it's very likely there was. I was getting ready in the sacristy for the 7:00 Mass in the church and in walked NICK. He brought to Mass that morning an elderly neighbor who needed the use of a "walker" to get around. He asked if i would be so kind, at communion time, to bring the Eucharist to his "old friend" and thereby save him a few steps walking up and down the aisle. His concern that morning made a lasting impression on me and spoke of his concern for all, young and old, and those in between. Just one kindness among many gestures of interest. I hope that all of you will catch something of his charitable spirit, that you will continue to develop your talents, athletic and otherwise, and that you share them with other generously.

Have a Good Time ---- "Enjoy The Meet"

A Special Tribute - Opening Commets by Father Jim Hannan