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Participant Certification


1)    First day of practice, Thursday, August  1st , 2019  (unless otherwise noted).


2)    Coaches of the team that you have been placed will notify you by the first week in June. (Practices are held at Leland Park)


3)    Paperwork: A) Player Contract B) Physical C) Code of Conduct Form and include Original Birth Certificate and copy of final 2019 Report Card. ***IMPORTANT** Please fill in all parts of form including Insurance Information along with group numbers and such


4)    Schedule a Physical now!!!!! All Physicals must be done between January 1, 2019 & August 1, 2019.  Failure to have physical done on time will result in forfeiture of spot on team. Please Note: If Physical is done later in the year YOUR DOCTOR STILL NEEDS to sign form and fill in the Okay for sports with no restrictions.


5)    You will need a copy of your final report card for the end of the 2019 school year. Fill out the Rules Section and both parent/player need to sign.


6)     Original birth certificate (if you played in the program last year, no birth certificate needed). No hospital birth certificates accepted and all new players must have city/town with raised seal (NO COPIES ACCEPTED)


7)    Bring the certification all filled out and insert the Code of Conduct and please give to your coach.


8)    Again, failure to have the above certification record completed by August 1st will result in the participant to be deemed ineligible for the 2019 season.


9) Practices run 10 hours a week before Labor Day (3 nights) Tue-Thur and 6 hours after (3 nights). Nights can vary but usually held between Mon-Fri evenings from 5:45-7:45 or so at Leland Park. Tiny Mites (F Team is much less)


10)Equipment Pick-up:  at the WoburnSeniorCenter, team equipment pick-up schedule will be noted on our web site. We supply: Football helmet, practice jersey/pants, chin strap, mouth piece, knee pads, game pants, home & away game jerseys. You will need: Cleats, Shoulder pads and girdle/girdle pads.


11)Registration fee’s are non-refundable unless due to medical prior to the start of the season on August 1ST of the current year. Doctors not required.


12)All games are on Sunday with exception of Tiny Mites which are held on Saturdays. If you lose paperwork call your coach or download the Medical and Parental Consent form from our site.