Concession Stand

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Babe Ruth
Concession Stand

Open for All
Babe Ruth Games


New Concession Stand


Regular Menu:
Hot Dogs,    Cheese Pizza   

Popcorn,    Nachos,    Chips,    Hot Pretzels
    Sunflower Seeds

Hot Chocolate,     Coffee,     Water,   Gatorade,   
Canned Soda:   Sprite,   Pepsi,  Coke,  
Diet Pepsi,  Diet Coke,  

Ice Cream,    Freeze Pops,   Starburst
Bubble Gum,   Candy Bars,   Assorted Candy
Bubble Tape,   Skittles,  Swedish Fish
Airheads,  Sourpatch Kids,
Nerd Ropes,  Cow Tails

Tournament Specials:
Combo: Soda, Chips, and
a Ball Park All Beef Hot Dog

Johnsonville Bratwurst

The Concession Stand Committee and the LaGrange Babe Ruth Board thank all the parents helping to work the stand
and those simply supporting it.



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