Who are the Tri-Town Renegades?

  • The Renegades are a new football team consisting of tackle players from the Vikings and the Epping Red Devils. The Red Devils and the Vikings joined forces to bring the kids from our community back together to better prepare them to play as a cohesive team in high school football. The Renegades play tackle football in the Seacoast Junior Football League.


Who are the Nor-Rock Vikings?

  • The Nor-Rock Vikings are a flag football and competitive cheer organization that participates in AYF football and AYC cheer under the NHYFSC. Flag football is available for players age 5-8 and competitive cheer from ages 5-14.


Where are we playing / practicing?

  • The Raymond field on 107 will be the primary location for games/practices. If we run into field conflicts, Epping does have fields that may be used to address those conflicts without adjusting schedules.


What League are you playing in / what’s the difference?

  • We will be playing in the Seacoast Junior Football League. The biggest difference with this league is that it’s a grade based organization instead of age based. This league will consist of 5 separate teams. A 3rd/4th grade team, 2 teams at the 5th/6th grade level, and 2 teams at the 7th/8th grade level. The 5th/6th and 7th/8th teams will each have a varsity and junior varsity team. The JV teams will be predominantly 5th and 7th graders with the varsity teams being predominantly the 6th and 8th graders. Depending on skill, size, and ability, players may be adjusted from JV to Varsity (or vice versa). There are also opportunities for JV players to play up for some games or varsity players to fill in for JV.


How many players on each team?

  • As of right now, we’re looking at 30-35 players per age level. That does not take into account any of the former Nor-Rock or Epping players who haven’t registered. Ideally we’d like to see rosters of 36 which would place 18 at each age level. We hope this change resolves a long-standing parent concern that the Vikings were consistently playing teams that they were outmatched against and has some prior players return.


Will this new team still be the Vikings, or will it be the Red Devils?

  • Cheer and Flag will remain the Vikings in NHYFSC. The tackle teams will be adopting a new name that will be neither the Vikings or the Red Devils. We want to reflect this change as a NEW organization. The new team will be known as the Tri-Town Renegades reflecting the combination of Epping, Newmarket, and Raymond.


When does the season start?

  • Flag and cheer will still start on Monday 7/30 at 6pm at the Rt 107 football field in Raymond; 5th-8th grade tackle players will start 8/13, and 3rd/4th grade tackle players will start 8/23.


I haven't registered yet, so how do I register?

  • Tackle player should register online with the Epping Red Devils since their registration will address all the needs for players in the Seacoast league. If you’ve already registered with Nor-Rock, please take the time to register on the Red Devils website athttp://www.reddevilsfootball.com/
  • Flag players and Cheerleaders should register with Nor-Rock at www.Nor-RockVikings.com and www.NHYFSC.org as they did last season.


I already registered with the Vikings (or the Red Devils) so what does this mean for me?

  • If you’re playing tackle and you've already registered with Epping, you're all set. If you’ve already registered with Nor-Rock, please take the time to register on the Red Devils website at http://www.reddevilsfootball.com/. No additional documentation is needed and there is no second registration required like it was with NHYFSC. The registration process is simple and will take no more than a couple minutes. You’ll use the same login information at the Epping site as you did with Nor-Rock since they are both hosted by the same company (League Lineup). You do not need to create a new account.


What is the tackle football registration fee?

  • We’ve adjusted the registration fee based on the new league. It’s been reduced to $200 per player with a family max of $375. This will still include a new uniform; however, we are only doing the home jersey, not home and away. If you have ANY concerns with paying the registration fee, please reach out to me. We are happy to make arrangements to ensure every player who wants to play can play. Please do not let financial concerns be a factor in whether your child can play or not. We want as many kids from our communities playing football, exercising, and learning valuable lessons in discipline, health, and teamwork.


I already paid registration, what do I do now?

  • If you already paid Nor-Rock, we will be transferring your registration fee to Epping and will refund you the difference in registration fee if you already paid the full $225.


I haven’t paid yet, how do I pay registration?

  • We will be setting up a few equipment issue days the week before the season starts. Registration fees can be paid at that time in cash or check payable to the Epping Red Devils. We’ll have the credit card machine at equipment issue for parents who would like to pay via card.


Do you need coach’s?

  • There are coaches currently assigned at all age levels, but more hands are always welcome. We are actively seeking some more assistance with coaching the 3rd/4th grade level team if anyone is interested.