Cardinal Glennon Injury Prevention

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 Injury of The Month-  the latest Injury Prevention bulletin from our partners at Cardinal Glennon Sports Care! 


For injuries on or off the field, call your local Cardinal Glennon SportsCare representative today!(314)-577-5640

Cardinal Glennon SportsCare is the premier pediatric sports medicine provider in St. Louis and St. Charles. We provide exclusive, direct access to comprehensive medical care for young athletes. By working with multiple specialists and care partners, we guarantee your child will get the top care that is best suited to treat their unique injury, improving recovery time and outcome. Many of our services are offered in multiple locations so your child can even be treated close to home. 

Specialists your child has access to through SportsCare include:


Orthopaedists Emergency medicine physicians


Pulmonologists Rehabilitation specialists


Cardiologists Physical therapists


Radiologists Nutritionists


Neurologists Pediatric psychologists


We also keep kids in the game through educational programs and support for parents, coaches and athletes that focus on injury prevention, proper technique and overall athletic health. For more information or to find a specialist for your athlete, call314-577-5640or