S.G.A.A. Service Hours

Each family must give at least 20 hours of their time in service to the organization or incur a yearly $250.00 non-service penalty fee. It is your responsibility to sign-up for your service. Please check the weekly bulletin and the website for service information or contact a S.G.A.A board member. The service areas are as follows:
Coach, Dance, Field/Shed, Field Maintenance, Kitchen, Golf Outing, Basketball Christmas Tournament, and other fundraisers held by the Athletic Association.

The only way to keep costs down is to have members volunteer their help by doing their service hours.

Upcoming Service Hours available


Please Contact:

Denise Shea at  sheafamily24@hotmail.com or (646) 594 8561.


Maryalice Eastwood at mge708@verizon.net or 917-482-0213


Please Remember We Cannot Have Successful Program Without Help From Our Membership.