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#9 Ryan Cambria-Knights of Columbus "Teammate of the Week"


Thru the eyes of Coach Jay Garcia

 --Ryan stepped up in our first game against an extremely tough Vinler Electric team. It was cold and wet and he had not played catcher before. Our scheduled catcher could not play so Ryan jumped right up and battled behind the plate getting beat up more than normal due to the conditions.

On offense, Ryan had a couple good swings at good pitches but fell short in those attempts. He didn't pout! Instead he ran to the dugout, Godspeed, to quickly put on his catcher's gear so he could get behind the plate and warm up his pitcher. 


Down 9 - 0, I found Ryan in between innings in he dugout with his hand on the shoulder of his teammate. That player had struck out with men in scoring position. I overheard Ryan tell the distraught player, "that's alright, you'll get him next time. Good swing. Now, come on, we need you here."




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