2019 Tournament Information

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BCML End of Season Tournament

BCML End of Season Tournament Information
Each age division will have an End of Season Tournament to determine the Division Champion and Finalist.
Seeding for the brackets are determined by a points system.
+ 3 points for a win
+ 2 points for a tie
+ 1 point for a loss
   0 points for game not played
- 3 points for a forfeit
Brackets will be determined by the number of teams in each division and age group.  Seeds are always determined by the points system.
The normal, and preferred, bracket format will consist of the top 4 teams in the division playing to determine the champion and finalist; these two teams will receive awards. The top 2 teams will play a best of 3 game Championship Series.
General Tournament Information:
All teams that play 50% of the scheduled games are eligible, however, two forfeit games eliminate a team from tournament competition.
Regular season rules including pitching rules are utilized unless otherwise communicated by the BCML.
Tie Breakers are as follows:


Total points from website Standings.  (Used for seeding only.)


Head to head.  (Not used if more than two teams tie and no team loses to all other tied teams)

3. Runs against.
4. Runs for.