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Wheeler High School Football Booster Club



Article 1

The name of the Corporation shall be:



Bylaws of the Wheeler High School Football Booster Club (WHSFBC) (Organization)

A Georgia Nonprofit Corporation




1.             The purposes for which the Corporation is formed are those set forth in its Certificate of Incorporation as from time to time amended. Namely, to promote interest in the football programs at WHEELER High School; to raise funds for the football programs for all students at Wheeler High School, the Wheeler High School Junior Program and other activities approved by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS; to lend moral and financial support to all phases of the football program at Wheeler High School, to cooperate and work in all possible ways with the Principal, Coaches and Staff; to promote excellence in all athletic and scholastic endeavors at Wheeler High School; and to engage in any other lawful activity for which nonprofit corporations may be organized under the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. The Corporation is not formed for the pecuniary of financial gain and no part of the assets, income, or profit of the Corporation is distributable to, or inures to the benefit of its directors, officers, or members, except to the extent permitted under the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. No substantial part of the activities of

the Corporation shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the Corporation shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.


1.1  WHSFBC activities must conform to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of Georgia, rules for nonprofit organizations.  Activities and operations must conform to the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) and the Cobb County School District (CCSD) rules for booster clubs.


1.2  WHSFBC is noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan. No member, while acting in that capacity, may seek to direct the administrative activities nor control the policies of the WHSFBC, Wheeler High School its agents or administrators, or the football coaching staff.




1.3 Registered office. Wheeler High School Varsity Head Coaches Office:

            WheelerHigh School

375 Holt Rd.

Marietta, GA. 30068

1.4 Registered address:


            2100 Roswell Rd.

            Suite 200-C, Box 504

            Marietta, GA. 30068


1.5   Fiscal and operational year. The fiscal and operational year shall be the same and shall be the calendar year. Beginning on January 1, and Ending on December 31.


1.6   Corporate seal. The WHSFBC will not use a corporate seal.  The Board of Directors shall have power to adopt or alter the seal of the Organization.


1.7  Books and records. All books and records created and maintained by the WHSFBC its members or officers are the property of the WHSFBC and are subject to review and return to the registered office for inspection for board business at a proper time by the Head Coach, Director, Principal or his designated representative of the CCSD.


1.8  Amendments to bylaws. These bylaws may be amended at any meeting so long as a         Quorum is present as outlined in Section 5.3 of these By-Laws. Notice must be given to the Executive Committee prior to any vote on a change of the bylaws. Written notice of a change in bylaws shall be provided to the Principal, the Head Coach, and the Director. 






3.1  Dues. Membership dues for all classifications and levels of membership and structure of payment shall be determined by the Board of Directors annually and reported to the membership.


3.2  Status. Any person that will provide support for the mission and objectives of the WHSFBC.  Members will have one vote per family. Members will vote only on issues in which the boards sees fit.  All other matters will be decided by the Board of Directors.  Members may attend all general meetings of the WHSFBC and all program or club activities. Members must remain in good standings with the WHSFBC.  




4.1  Principal. The Principal of Wheeler High School is an ex-officio officer of the WHSFBC. The Principal will receive notice of all board and club meetings and activities.  The Principal may designate his duties to another administrator or agent of the CCSD.  Based on CCSD policy the Principal has absolute authority to veto any decision, activity, or appointment of the board or club.


4.2  Head Coach.  The Head Coach as is an ex-officio (non-voting) officer of the WHSFBC..  The Head Coach may send an assistant or designee to act in his place if he is unable to attend for any reason.


4.3  Tenure. The President, Officers, and Board members shall be  appointed by the Head Coach, and shall hold office for one (1) operational year.  President  and Officers, and Board members may serve for consecutive years in the same or other board positions at the discretion of the Head Coach.  




4.4 Officers and Board Members duties and responsibilities;


      The following shall be designated as the Officers of the Booster Board and form the

      Executive Committee, and shall have voting rights on issues required that are brought

      before the board and the executive committee:


      Head Football       Provide direction and oversight in board actions and program      

               Coach           activities. Provide communication and ensure board compliance,

                                    and guidance with CCSD, GHSA, the school and administration.

                                    Coordinate with board members for board and program activities,

                                    which include but are not limited to; planning, scheduling, facilities, fundraising, purchasing, practice and game day operations and coordination, and staffing. Non-voting, (ex-officio).


President         Run booster board and club meetings, prepare agenda, oversee

                                    board / club actions and directions, insure proper board / club operations, and documentation. Program responsibilities include but are not limited to; planning, scheduling, facilities, fundraising, purchasing, practice and game day operations and coordination, and staffing.  Co-sign all checks over $200.  Only votes to break a tie. 


         Vice-President    Shall Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.  He shall take any duties assigned by the Head Coach or President.


         Secretary            Keep, prepare, and provide meeting minutes to appropriate personnel.  Work with Communications Director in collection and dissemination of program information. Coordinate, and keep records of information and operations from board and directors with appropriate committees, reps and parents.  Prepare and maintain calendar in coordination with communications.


        Treasurer(s)        The Treasurer shall work with the Board to prepare an annual financial budget for the Junior and High school programs. The TREASURER shall keep a record of all monies and other valuables acquired or disbursed by the Club. The Treasurer shall pay all Club debts authorized by the Club and maintain a file of all receipts and invoices for debts paid.  The Treasurer shall oversee and maintain a checking account for the Club’s funds.  Any interest earned on unused Club funds shall be added to the Club’s funds.  At each Board meeting, the Treasurer shall give a written report of all disbursements and collections of monies compared to the approved budget since the preceding meeting and shall give an oral report of the status of the Club finances at each general meeting.  A written report summarizing the Club financial activity for the year shall be provided for the general membership at the December meeting.  The Treasurer is authorized to co-sign all checks and will be bonded.  The Treasurer will be required to have a financial examination produced at year end by an external financial firm and results copied to the High School Principal. The Treasurer will be responsible for filing annual IRS forms, prepared by an external financial firm and shall maintain copies of such.


    Communications    Collect, maintain, and disseminate data and information on a

       Coordinator          program wide basis.  Responsible for updating and maintaining and disseminating program web sites, calling posts and other means of data and information technologies.  Coordinate and work with all appropriate board members, coaches, and committees. 


   Junior Program        Shall act as a liaison and representative of Wheeler Junior

   Director                    Football. Collect, maintain, and coordinate data, and information.  Provide operational support and coordinate staffing and activities for specific team or age groups as they relate to program activities


   Grade Representatives    6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th  These positions can be held by other committee members if needed.  However, each person will only get one vote.   




4.5  Resignations and Vacancies. Vacancies and resignations shall be filled by appointment of the head coach or his designee. Persons appointed to vacant positions shall serve the remainder of the position term.


4.6  Removal of Board Directors or Officers. Board Directors or Officers may be       removed, in term, by a majority vote of the board with good cause. Good cause may include but is not limited to; excessive or consecutive absenteeism from board meetings. A failure or lack to perform duties.  Violation of club by-laws, CCSD policy, and state or federal laws or rules related to club operation. Inappropriate conduct or misrepresentation of the board or program at club or program functions or activities, in dealing with parents, players, school administrators or representatives of the CCSD.  The Principal has the right to remove the Board in its entirety. 





5.1  General Meetings. General meeting are open for attendance by all members, potential       members, faculty and community at large.  There will be an annual general meeting in first quarter of each year.  Other general meetings will be held on an as needed basis, dates and times will be posted.

5.2  Board Meetings. Board meetings will be held monthly at a time to be determined by the Board.  Times and dates of the board meetings shall be posted.  Board meetings are closed to the general membership and are for board members only.  Club members, parents, interested parties, or members of the community may address or have audience with the board.  Individuals must contact the Head Coach or the Director to request and receive approval to address the board.  Individuals will address the board at a specific meeting with a specific stated topic or issue to be addressed by the board.  The board will hear the individual during an open address time not to exceed ten minutes per individual unless otherwise specified.  Topics must be related to board business.  Additional meetings may be called on an as needed basis. The monthly meeting time may be changed to meet required scheduling needs of events, club or program activities.  A change in the monthly meeting time will be posted.  General meetings may serve as a monthly board meeting.  


5.3 Quorum. A Quorum shall consist of:

       Three officers of the executive committee and at least one other board member.

       In the event of a tie in a voting issue within the quorum, executive committee or

       President shall have the deciding vote.





6.1 Committees. The board may establish committees with specific purpose, authority

       And task, to perform services necessary for the benefit of the football program.  The

       Board will appoint a chair or coordinator who will be responsible for carrying out the

       operations of the committee.  Committees may be created or dissolved as needed. 

       Committees may include but are not limited to the following:

a.     Concessions

b.     Fund raising: cat cards/golf tournament/ program ads

c.     Facilities / grounds

d.     Spirit Wear

e.     Community relations

f.      Game day operations

g.     Banquet / Hospitality

h.     Membership








7.1     Robert Rules of Order, Revised shall be the authority in all proceedings not covered by the Bylaws.






Adopted this ________ day of , 2016.







Wheeler High School Head Football Coach






Wheeler High School Football Booster Club Director