Mentor/Protege Prog.

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District 31 Umpire Mentor/Protege Program


District 31 Staff Umpires are dedicated to the advancement of the local volunteer umpire.  By teaching on and off the field and by leading by example, it is the Staff’s goal to maximize the potential of every volunteer umpire and give them the confidence and ability to umpire games at any level.

The goal of the Mentor Program is to promote and develop the local volunteer umpire in a defined, step by step process including benchmarks and reviews. This Program will also benefit the local league by developing their quality volunteer umpires who will be leaders and role models in their league.  This development will also be demonstrated and celebrated in the District Post Season/All Star tournaments.  When executed, the Mentor Program will enhance the future of the volunteer umpire in their local league, District 31 and all of Little League International.

Local volunteer umpires who show potential, knowledge and maturity may be nominated as a Protégé in the Mentor Program.  A Staff umpire, as Mentor, is assigned to a Protégé who receives one-on-one training during the little league season.

Each Protégé will be required to commit to the Mentor Program for the full season with the intention of committing as a volunteer Little League umpire beyond that season.  The Protégé will be tested and evaluated throughout the season to accomplish all of the goals set forth in the Mentor Program.  

If you have any questions about the Mentor Program or wish to nominate a volunteer umpire for the Program, please contact Ken Judd at