Frequently Asked Questions w/ Answers

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Below are some questions that have been asked at various meetings and from e mails.  We have provided answers below and hope that it helps.  If you have a question that you do not see on this site and need answered; please e mail to and we will try and get it answered and post on this site.  A complete listing of League Rules and By Laws are on the Welcome Page under the Tab  League Rules.

Q:  What are Tryouts for the Spring/Summer Season ?

A:  Most folks call them "tryouts" but they really should be called "Evaluations" because every child that registers will be placed on a team.  Evaluations are for 9-12 yr old's only. These are held each year at the beginning of February .  This year on February 1, 2020 these evaluations will be held at a new facility.  Traction Sports Performance at 105 Medical Park Hattiesburg, Ms 39401. Coaches rate the ability of the players for the draft. The 4-8 yr old's are not evaluated but do go thru a draft in order to be selected on a team.  


Q:  How do I register my child on line ? (Only available during Open Registrations)

A:  Go to Welcome Page or Click Here to begin the process.


Q:  What equipment will my child need to participate ?

A:  Glove, Helment w/ facemask,rubber cleats & bat.  Click Here for 2020 Approved Bat Listing


Q:  Can my child play up or down in age groups ?

A: No; It is our policy that all players play in their respective age group.


Q:  Are Birth Certificates required ?

A:  Yes, only copies, (Not the Original) these will need to be given to the Head Coach so that they will turn them in with the official roster to Dixie Youth National.


Q:  Where can I find the different rules for each of the different age groups ?

A:  On the Welcome Page under the Tab League Rules


Q:  I have registered my child but I haven't paid yet, how do I pay ?

A:  Go back to website, access your personal account, go to checkout and pay with credit card.


Q:  There is so much to remember, where can I find out important dates for the upcoming season ?

A:  Go to the Events Calendar on the Welcome Page.


Q:  What is this Early Bird deal ?

A: If you register & pay on line with a credit card before a set time in early January each year you will receive a discount on your registration fee.


Q: Game Times & Game Days ?  Rainouts ?

A: Official Regular Season Games will be played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday's.  Any games cancelled on Monday/Tuesday will be made up on Wednesday's....Thursday's/Friday's games cancelled will be made up on Saturdays.  Most first games will start at 6:00pm & second games will be at 7:45 or 8:00pm. Depending on the number of teams that we have will determine if we have games on Friday nights. 


Q: Does the Registration Fee include a uniform ?

A: No it does not.  You will be responsible for paying for your child's uniform usually about the 3rd week of March each year.  uniform pricing varies from year to year and will be announced usually by March 1st each year.  It's usually $60-$70 , depending on age group.  the team Mom will help in this process.




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