Making Memories

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Making Memories
Stories and Photos of the North Dufferin Baseball League

Celebrating 90 years of the North Dufferin Baseball League means there is a rich and exciting history of baseball in our association and community.

As a next step to record this vibrant history, we are seeking to collect a photo history and a compilation of stories from past and present players, coaches and fans.

Over the years there have been exciting games, plays, rivalries and events that have shaped the individual story of players and teams in making the collective history of the league. This is an opportunity to share them.

What we are looking for:

- Stories of exciting games or individual plays, playoff series, rivalries between players and/or fans, fun recollections or other stories you would like to share.
- Photos of teams, championship teams, league events, trophy presentations, ball parks, etc. Please try to include the date, people in the picture and any other pertinent details.

Once stories and photos are shared and reviewed, the plan is to include them on the league website for others to enjoy.

To submit stories and/or photos, please send them to Digital copies of photos should be 200-300 dpi, 5x7 in size, if available. Should you have a hard copy of a picture, arrangements can be made to have it scanned, if you are unable to do so.

David Anderson,

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