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The Founders' Cup is a perpetual award honoring all the players and coaches of the 2012 Inaugural Season. 

The complete rosters of all the Inaugural Season teams are engraved on the award, including all players, coaches and team administrators from all six founding flag and tackle teams.

The Cup was handmade by Boardman Silversmiths of Wallingford, CT.  Boardman has created awards for many prestigious events such as the Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, US Open and the Calder Cup.  These craftsman also work on the Stanley Cup and make the Lombardi Super Bowl trophy for Tiffany & Co.  The Founder's Cup was a gift to the Association by founding members Alice Patton and Michael Zanolli.

Beginning with the 2013 season, the Founders' Cup will be awarded by the Association "to the team that exemplifies the highest level of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Character and Achievement each year." 

There is wide-ranging latitude for several teams to be considered.  It is not necessarily the team with the best record.  It could be the team with the best attitude or most resilient or most improved, or the team that works together best, win or lose.

Teams are nominated for the award by their Head Coach who provides a description of how the team exemplified the award's ideals throughout the season.

The Board of Directors will determine the recipient, and the winning team will be presented with the Cup at the end of the season party.  The year and name of the team and head coach will be added to the base of the trophy each season.


2013 Founders Cup Awarded to: 120 lb. Team and Coach John Dustin

2014 Founders Cup Awarded to : 105 lb. B team and Coach Bill Gallagher

2015 Founders Cup Awarded to:  Pee Wee Cheerleading Squad and Coaches Jill Demmy and Jennifer Zajac


The following names of the founding players and coaches of the 2012 Inaugural Season are permanently engraved on the Founders'Cup:


Blue Flag -- Head Coach Jim Doyle
Assistants – John Curtin, Matt Szychulski
Administrator – Jacque Alber

Nathaniel Alber
Zachary Anagnos
Jackson Biscotti
Ryan Curtin
Shane Doyle
PJ Duffy
Henry Faragalli
Jackson Harrington
Lucas Harrington
Nicholas Monty
Joseph Rigolizzo
Matthew Szychulski
Kyle Welsh
Jack Yearley

White Flag -- Head Coach Shannon Warner
Assistant –Tim Krug
Administrator – Jacque Alber

Lucas Costa  
Patrick Gray  
Kieran Hicks  
Gavin Keingarsky  
Kyle Krug  
Cooper McAndrews  
Matthew McCall  
Patrick McKeever  
Robbie Slinkard  
Pablo Strid  
Elijah Waight  
Declan Warner 
Christopher Wolfson
80 lb Team -- Head Coach William Gallagher, Jr.
Assistants – Michael Buono, William Gallagher, Sr., Mike Murphy, Jeffrey Wallin
Administrator – Beth Vollmer

Nate Brown
Mason Brown
Roman Buono
Amir Byrd
Thomas Deshan
Rocco DiCianno
Jackson Gaffney
Will Gallagher
Ben Hart
Kafiyl Johnson
Kyle Leighton
Christian Mameniskis
Austin Marx
Brendan Mogan
CJ Murphy
Miquel Peña
Alec Treadway
Eric Vollmer
Jude Wallin
90 lb Team -- Head Coach Scott Belveal
Assistants – Chuck Crocco, Dave Sandstead, Rick Welsh
Administrator – Tracy Hornbaker, Julie Kelly

Teddy Anderson
Scott Belveal
Tanner Bradley
Luke Brown
Charlie Crocco
Giles Elliott
Thomas Hannum
Liam Harkins
Ryan Hornbaker
John Janson
Luke Kelly
William Marx, III
Juan Pablo Moreland
Jack Murphy
Lewis Robinson
Taelaun Rutherford
Mac Sandstead
Bram Schork
Oscar Spiers
Alex Waldman
Aidan Welsh
105 lb Team -- Head Coach Michael McCall
Assistants – Michael Buono, John Dustin, Christopher Gatti, Tim Henkel, Barry Henry,
Stuart Margolis, Gregg Smith
Administrator - Suz Margolis

Owen Beisty
Cole Bradley
Michael Buono
Tymear Calhoun
Patrick Cone
Jack d’Entremont
Peter Dustin
Ryan Gaffney
Phillip Gatti
Jack Hamilton
Christopher Henkel
Brendan Herrin
Brigham Johnston
Cameron Kearns
Sage Keingarsky
Daniel Kolber
Taylor Margolis
Gavin McCall
Duncan McDermott
Kai Mulligan
Ben Murphy
Mathenge Mwangi
Logan O’Sullivan
Chase Smith
Austin Stanley
John Talucci
Shrikar Thota
Thomas Tropeano
Owen van der Zwan
120 lb Team -- Head Coach Michael Zanolli
Assistants –Adam Brown. Donald Chase, Lindsay Carter, Jim Cullen, John McMeekin,
Dan Ressler
Administrator – Alice Patton

Blake Anderson
John Austen
Drew Brown
Aidan Carter
Sam Chase
Nathan Congleton
Jack Connolly
Calvin Costner-McCall
Patrick Cullen
Owen DelMonte
Patrick Duffy
Jonathan Goldstein
Vernon Harper
Nicholas Hart
George Hoysgaard
Wyatt Karson
Michael Leone
Nick Merriam
Aidan McMeekin
Jackson Overton-Clark
Stephen Pahides
Chase Ressler
Jack Ressler
Eddie Williamson
Evan Zanolli
Edward Zhang