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Concussion Info

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Concussions Info from MSYSA & GLSL


As of March 29, 2013, the mandated waivers are not available from the Michigan Department of Community Health at this time.  When they are available, Redford Soccer Club will be looking to disseminate them for our players and parents.  Meanwhile, we begin to educate ourselves on the risks and symptoms of concussions or brain injuries.


Please read and disseminate info on Concussions and their effect on the individual getting one while involved in both daily and particularly Sports activities.

Memo to MSYSA League Officials:

USYSA Concussion Management presentation:

USYSA Concussion Procedure and Protocol:

USYSA Concussion Notification Form:

USYSA Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches:

USYSA Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents:

USYSA Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes:

Concussion Quiz:

Coaches Clipboard facts for Concussions: