10U Player Expectations

Any girl who attains the age of 9 or 10 years old on or before January 1st is eligible to play 10U Softball.  This division is primarily for 9 & 10 year olds who have successfully demonstrated all of the 8U Softball Skills. 

At the 10U softball level, this is the first level that the players pitch an 11 inch softball from 35 feet while learning the game of fast-pitch softball and having fun continue to be the focus.  Additional skills of bunting, stealing 3rd base (with no advancement on defensive misplay) are introduced.  The dropped 3rd strike nor the infield fly rule is in effect at this age group.  Players are rotated during practices and games to develop their knowledge of various positions.

It is critical that the coaches of this division provide sound training and a good balance of playing time and position rotations for all players. 

At 10U the primary objective is to ensure that each player has a “positive experience” with softball, desires to play again the following year and has learned the skills listed below :

  • Advanced warm up techniques
  • The ball is always “Live”
  • Ground ball fielding techniques
  • Where to make the play
  • Relaying the ball from the outfield to the infield
  • Base running (advancing beyond 1st base on balls hit to the outfield)
  • Base stealing
  • Batting Stance (closed, open)
  • Pitching Mechanics
  • Communication (calling for a fly ball)
  • Backing up plays
  • Pitcher Position
  • Difference between a force play and a tag
  • Good sportsmanship 


Practice Plans

Batting, Bunting, and Throwing Drills


League Info:

10U League Rules

10U Playoff Schedule