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Program Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple: teach every player solid fundamental skills and build a strong work ethic.

Why are fundamentals so important? This is the minimum requirement for a school basketball team - in middle school and certainly in high school. If a player makes a layup off the wrong foot, it is a red flag for school coaches. No other program takes the time to really teach players proper techniques. This is the foundation - that's why it's called "fundamentals"!

Our Strength
Bay Area Argonauts is a small program in comparison to other local programs. This is our strength. Our coaches want every player to make their school team and takes the time to evaluate each player's individual skills. Our coach provides specific feedback on what needs to be done to improve. We are not a factory that churns out players who can't even make their school teams. There are even teams out there who try to play "Argonauts Basketball". There is no substitute.

No Fluff
Egos will not be stroked - there is no fluff here. If a player is the leading scorer but can't move his feet on defense, he or she will sit on the bench. The coach's assumption is that you are in this program to compete at higher levels. If you want to get better, you need to know what skills to sharpen and how.

Is it for you?
The Argonauts program is not for everyone. The workouts are rigorous and expectations are set high. But players who have stayed with the program have seen their skills double sometimes triple. We have players who have made their A-Teams, when a year prior they did not have any formal basketball training.

The Argonauts has been around since 2006 and has earned the reputation of being one of the toughest programs in the area. If you strive not only to make your high school team, but also to be a starter, this is the right place for you. Welcome to Argonauts Basketball!


How it all started . . .

Since moving to the tri-valley area, Joe Domagas searched for a quality basketball program for his son. He found a local ball club that seemed to be the right fit. After each practice, Joe worked with his son on specific skills. Several parents who watched this approached him to also work with their sons. The ball club director eventually asked Joe to coach. This gave Joe the opportunity to help the other players with their skills as well as coach his own son. Coach Joe took them to the championship!

As his son grew older, Coach Joe realized that his son needed a tougher program.

Local parents finally coaxed him into starting his own program.
This is how the Bay Area Argonauts was formed.

Now, the Bay Area Argonauts are being led by Joe's son, Coach Jeros Domagas.

Bay Area Argonauts est. 2006