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Game Schedules: Pool & Brackets

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Schedules will be posted once finalized on USSSA website.

Click here for link to all schedules (currently NOT active)

once at site change the age AGE division. Then click on "pool" to see pool games, then click again to "bracket" to see that schedule.

TIE BREAKERS Used at Rotary Park


 Pool Play  Standings Sorted on the following:
1) Winning Percentage - Descending
2) Number Wins - Descending (More is better)
3) Number Loses - Ascending (Less is better)
4) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Pct - Descending [SKIP if all "tied" teams have NOTplayed each other] Head to Head. 
5) Average Runs Allowed - Ascending (Low is better)
6) Average Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending (High is better)
7) Total Runs Scored (if different amount of games played, then use average)
8) Coin Flip


For Rain Shortened Events


 - Where teams are in bracket play, but not in finals.

Overall Tournament Places will be determined by All games combined (pool + bracket) and apply the same tiebreakers shown above.


 - If Bracket Play has not started, then pool play seeding will be used to determine winners. With the pool play winners using the same tie breakers where applicable.

Any ties within a pool are first broken, and then all the pool winners go through the overall tie breaking process.

  If tied games are involved, 3-0 is better than 2-0-1.


  But 2-0-1 is better than 2-1.