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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer?

WORKOUTS - Our workouts emphasize conditioning, fundamentals and teamwork. Jogging and shooting around is not enough to get into "basketball shape".

TOURNAMENTS - We participate in several bay area tournaments throughout the year. We have also run 3-4 tournaments in Pleasanton in the past.

INDIVIDUAL SKILLS IMPROVEMENT - For players who want to improve specific skills, a skills assessment package and individual coaching are also available. Click on Workouts/Training on the menu for more information.

How much does it cost?

GAMES: $15 each


60 minutes - $15

90 minutes - $20 (indoor)

120 minutes - $20 (outdoor)

We also offer discounted monthly and season packages (email bayareaargonauts@yahoo.com to find out more details). 

Acceptance Mark

How do I know what age division my son or daughter is in? How old will your child be on September 1, 2017? For example, my daughter's birthday is September 2. Though she will be 14 on September 2 and in the 8th grade, she is still 13 on September 1, therefore she belongs in the 13U division. Here are the AAU age divisions with correlating grade for players (as of September 1, 2017):

16U = 16 years old & under, 10th grade

15U = 15 years old & under, 9th grade

14U = 14 years old & under, 8th grade

13U = 13 years old & under, 7th grade

12U = 12 years old & under, 6th grade

11U = 11 years old & under, 5th grade

10U = 10 years old & under, 4th grade

How do you get started?

REGISTRATION - You can join the Argonauts any time during the year!
How? Send an email to: bayareaargonauts@yahoo.com
You will receive a response within 2 days. Please include the following information:

1. your name and contact information

2. name of player

2. player grade in Fall 

3. player age

4. player school, city

5. years of basketball experience and type (e.g. CYO, AAU, camps, etc.)

6. any other questions you might have

STILL NOT SURE? Just come to one of our workouts (check date/time/location on the "Calendar" menu or the bottom of the "Welcome" page). Or click on Calendar on the side menu to find any of the "Argonauts @ Workout", these are open to all age groups. No long term commitment required This is the best way to find out -- just try it! We will need a Parent Waiver Form and $20 per workout. Wear all black, bring at least two waters, and be ready to work hard!

Email bayaareaargonauts@yahoo.com if you have additional questions.

Thanks for your interest - GO ARGONAUTS!