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With heavy hearts and great sadness we announce the tragic loss of one of our own, Zachary Tompkins. Unexpectedly, Zachary passed away at his home on March 8th, he was 11 years old. A fifth grade honor student at Presentation of Mary Academy, Zach touched the lives of many through his school affiliation and his active participation in community sports. In addition to his academic excellence at PMA, he excelled as a baseball player and personified the ideal athlete as a Hudson-Litchfield Bear.
Zach started in the Hudson-Litchfield Bears program, like many do, on the sidelines, playing with friends, attending every practice and every game, while cheering on his big brother. Trailing behind his brother, Zach knew he had some big shoes to fill, but the first time he took the field he took the opportunity to shine. During his four years with the Bears, Zach had many accomplishments. He shared the field with his brother as a Mitey Mite. He went on to become a dominant linebacker and made his mark as the top tackler on his team. Season 2009 proved to be his time to shine, as Zach took on the role of running back and was able to help his team put points on the board with some memorable touchdowns.
Zach touched the lives of so many with his continuous and infectious smile and we will continue to admire him for his enduring winning attitude, his caring and generous personality and a respected member of our Bears’ community.

With his incredible sportsmanship, this Bears football player will be truly missed. His passing is a tremendous loss for his family and all of those who knew him and we extend our thoughts and prayers to the Tompkins family, friends, and teammates.

We stand together during this tragedy as we reflect on the wonderful memories we share with Zachary and his family and know that we are not alone. We have an amazing sense of community in our Bears organization and we are here to support one another through this most difficult time.

May you rest in peace, Zachary Tompkins. Thank you for sharing your life and your dreams with all of us. It has been a privilege to have known you. Your smile will never fade and your spirit will always shine as we tribute your legacy as a true champion, on and off the field.

Mike Roberts

HLYFC President  


In lieu of flowers the family encourages donations be made to a scholarship fund in Zach’s loving memory:

The Zach Tompkins Scholarship Fund

c/o Presentation of Mary Academy

182 Lowell Road

Hudson, NH 03051

                      #27 will forever live in our hearts



On behalf of the Hudson-Litchfield Bears community, we’d like to celebrate the life of Zachary Tompkins by dedicating this page as Tributes to Zach. We invite parents, players, cheerleaders, coaches etc. to share a story or send a message to Zach or his family to keep his shining spirit with us.
Please feel free to email your comments, memories, stories, etc. in celebration of Zach's life to:


Please be sure to include your name, date and your message, story or comment. Your name is optional, kindly let us know if you do not want your name included.
From Zachary’s Mom
As Zachary's mom, I have so many stories I could tell about him and football. But one that will forever standout to me is the day he scored his first touchdown. I remember cheering him on as he ran down the soon as he made that touchdown and ran off the field...I ran over to him...I was so proud and everyone was yelling in excitement....
When I finally got him alone for a second, I asked him
"Zach, what were you thinking while you were running?"
He  looked at me and said,
"Mom, I just kept on running....and running... and thinking...Don't look back! Don't look back! Because I knew if I looked back, they might catch me!!!"

He and I just started laughing. He was so great like that. He was one person who, somehow, could Always make me smile.

I love you Zachary Forever <3 Mom

Mike, Necole, Chris & Nicholas,
There are no word to say to console you at this time! All I can say is that my heart ACHES for your family and that I pray for God to give all of you the strength and courage to get through these difficult times. Zach will forever live on in my families thoughts and memories!!!!! May God Bless You All !!!
The Maroun Family
To the Tompkins family,
May the memories of Zach fill your sorrows away,
For he is now an Angel, and will soon guide your way.
We can’t imagine the hurt and the pain,
As we’re deeply sorry for your loss and God’s gain.
Our hearts and prayers are with you.
Michael, Necole, Chris & Nick – We’re here if you need us.
The Oliveira & Rodriguez Family
I coached Zach for 3 years, Mitey Mites - JPW. During the 2008 JPW year, I had given the kids a questionnaire to fill out to get to know them a little better and to find out how they felt about different things.  One of the questions, I asked was:
"How will you handle things if you don't like your coach?" - his response: "Tell my Dad." That was his same response to another question, "How will you react if your teammate tells you "you stink?" - again he wrote "I'll tell my Dad". He was the only one on the team that had that response. I think it was a great answer as he knew if things get bad you can always go to your parents. 
Another question was "Why did you sign up for football?"  Zach wrote, "Because my brother said it was fun."  You can tell from Zach's responses he was brought up in a loving home that taught the importance of family. 
Zach had improved a lot from year to year.  By his JPW year he was great at defense.  He had the uncanny ability to get through the offensive line and make tackles in the backfield.  I remember Zach as always having a smile on his face and would do whatever you asked.  I am privileged to have coached and to have known Zach. 
Our prayers go out to the Tompkins family as they deal with their loss. 
~ Dave Regan and Family
Our hearts broke the day we found out about losing Zach.  We first met him at t-ball back in 2005.  Even at that young age you could tell he was an athlete. When he was on Jr. Pee Wee blue with Riley in 2008 I remembered that same smiling happy face and that obvious love for sports, family and friends. We weren't close to the Tompkins family but they were very well known to us by face and by small sideline chats.  We ran into them up at Sebago Lake this past summer...Riley was so excited to see the "Tompkins" boys, it's like seeing someone famous to a kid who see's a friend on vacation... 
The fact that we didn’t know each other extremely well made no difference to us when we heard the news about Zach...Our hearts were broken and we shared overwhelming sorrow for Mike, Necole, Chris and Nicholas.  We hope that they know how much we all care and are thinking of them.  They are forever in our prayers and I hope that somehow time and beautiful memories will heal their sorrow. 
Sincerely, with love
Amy, Dave, Riley (Paletta) & Owen Kelly 

I was honored to be an assistant coach in Zach's last year as a Mitey Mite before he moved up to JPW. That year was my son’s first year in the program. Older kids can sometimes be rough on first year players; they tend to stick together and not interact well with the first year kids. What I remember most about Zach was that he wasn’t the typical older player. He always showed the younger kids that he cared and that they are all part of the team. Of course, he would then go on to light them up in practice, but he always did it with a smile on his face and a compassionate hand to help them up when the play was over. His true spirit of sportsmanship and compassion will be missed. Our thoughts go out to his family.
Sean O’Neil & Family 
As team photographer, I've had the privilege of being right there on the sidelines during the last two seasons. I've watched how the boys interact during games that were going well and games that weren't going so well.  It never mattered.....Zach was the epitome of sportsmanship. He carried himself with quiet dignity and a self-assured confidence that made kids gravitate towards him. He may have been one of the better players on the field, but he never made the others feel that they were any less so.  He didn't seem to have the need to shine (although, shine he did!).  He just wanted to be part of the team.  As photographer, he wasn't a player I had to make sure I had enough shots of.  He was everywhere!  Whether it be offense or defense, he was always right there on the 110% on each and every play. 
   Because Jacob and Zach were on the same baseball team last year as well, I had the pleasure of watching Zach hit a baseball instead of a running back.  It's hard to say which he hit harder!  When he came to the plate, you just knew he was going to swing for the fences. And no matter what position he played, whether behind the plate or in the outfield, nothing was going to get by Zach! 
  Mike and Necole, Chris and Nicholas.....please know that Zach made a difference in this world.  And not just on the field, but in his everyday life as well.  Not just as a gifted athlete, but as an amazing young man.  He was admired, respected and loved by all who had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know him. Somehow you will find the strength to get thru this, and although your lives will never be the same, rest assured that our lives have changed as well. Because we are forever richer for having known Zachary Matthew Tompkins.
Sandy & Jacob Wesson
                                                     ZERO % DISRESPECTFUL
                         ATHLETIC in FOOTBALL
                          CREATIVE with SCHOOL
                           HONEST to OTHERS
                           OUTSTANDINGLY ATHLETIC
                            MADE it to the MAJORS
                             POLITE to TEACHERS and OTHERS
                              KIND to OTHERS
                               INCREDIBLY SMART
                               NICE and HELPFUL
                               Super  friend                     
By: BOBBY CARACOGLIA   March 11, 2010   No. 2  BEARS                    

Stephanie Lambert wrote:
I was one out of many cheerleaders for Zachary and I will never forget his playing. Here is my story…
Dear Mike, Chris,  Nicholas, and Necole, 
I was in Zachary's class. He has not left our minds and we can all tell he has not left us. We will be in class and we feel his presence. When I am in a room alone I do not feel alone. I feel someone is there with me and I know it is Zach. It is very hard to lose him. He had a way of making our class laugh a lot. It is not the same without him.
Lots of love,
Stephanie Lambert

I’ve never been good with names.
As soon as I looked at the picture
on the card I knew which child
had passed. Tears filled my eyes
for my thoughts went right to my
days at the stand. So many kids,
all beautiful & unique in their
own ways. What was unique about
Zach was his smile & bright
eyes. I loved to see him come to the
stand. He always made me smile.
He is and will always be your angel.
I am lucky to have known him.
God Bless.
~ Michelle Marion

Zach was a kind, brave, and all around amazing person to have known and played with.

I, among 30 other
2009 5u Bears feel a loss of a great player and friend. Zach had many friends, teammates, and family members. We all will miss him.




~ Brennan French








With heavy hearts and great sadness our family, as well as the town of Hudson New Hampshire, suffered a tragic loss, the loss of our son, Zachary Tompkins. Unexpectedly Zachary passed away on March 8, 2010 he was 11 years old. A fifth grade “HIGH HONORS” student at Presentation of Mary Academy, Zach touched the lives of many. The Hudson Youth Football Bears Coach said it best when he said “In addition to his academic excellence at PMA, he excelled as a baseball player and personified the ideal athlete as a Hudson-Litchfield Bear. Zach touched the lives of so many with his continuous and infectious smile and we will continue to admire him for his enduring winning attitude, his caring and generous personality and remember him as a respected member of the Hudson and Bears’ community. Your smile will never fade and your spirit will always shine as we tribute your legacy as a true champion, on and off the field.”


Today we ask for your donation for a memorial fund that has been created to honor Zachary’s memory. We hope that you will contribute to this great cause.


A simple TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation can be made payable to:


The Zachary M. Tompkins Memorial Fund

@ TD Bank

80 Derry Road

Hudson NH 03051


Deposits can be made directly at the bank as well. For any questions please feel free to contact: Stacey Forbes-Iwanicki @ 978-836-8344.


We sincerely thank you for your time and continued support. Please add your contact information on the enclosed forms so that we may keep you updated on the memorial program.


Yours faithfully, Mike, Necole, Christopher, & Nicholas Tompkins