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We have moved to an online site called SignUpGenius to reserve Snack Bar hours.

The Snack Bar is one of our biggest fundraisers and helps to keep our registration fees low. Other local organizations charge $100 - $300 more than us, so keeping our fees low is a top priority for us. However, in order to do so, Snack Bar coverage is required.

Snack Bar hours are available during Figure Skating (Monday and Friday nights), NCYH practices (Tuesday and Thursday nights), NCYH games (Saturday and Sunday) and High School hockey games. We are also open during the Figure Skating shows and any local tournaments.

Before the beginning of the month (starting with November), a sign-up page will be created and the link will be emailed to your team manager. From there, your manager will forward you the link, so you can access the site and sign up accordingly.

The sign-ups start with our Bantam group then Peewees, Squirts, Mites and then Mini-Mites. If you are signing up at the incorrect time it will be deleted. Please only sign up when it is your allocated time to do so.

If there are still available slots after all of the groups have had their chance to sign up then an email will be sent out advising there are available slots. At this point, it will be first come, first serve and anyone can sign up for the slots.

We understand that everyone wants to complete their hourly requirement as soon as possible, which is great, unfortunately, that leaves a lack of coverage towards the end of the season. We would greatly appreciate it if you could space out your sign up hours. This will help us to provide Snack Bar coverage throughout the season.

Again, your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated as we move forward with this new sign up process. Should you have any questions, concern or suggestions, please feel free to email us at