Youth Practice Policies

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Practice Policies

MYBL Practice Policies


The policies below are the policies of Massillon City School District and Massillon Youth Basketball League:


When practicing at Boys & Girls Club of Massillon (BGCM)

·        Enter through the front door only.

·        All practices will take place in the blue gym. 

·        Only MYSA & BGCM Board approved coaches will be permitted in the building and gym during practice, all others must remain in the vestibule or in their vehicle. This includes the cafeteria.

·        Players will be dropped off with their coach in the vestibule and returned to the vestibule following practice, please be prompt in dropping your child off and picking them up.

·        Tables and chairs will be set up in the vestibule for parent’s convenience. They will also provide Wi-Fi password for parents. The vestibule is heated.

·        They are allowing us to use their facility during open hours, please be considerate of their policies.Text Box: Player Basketballs

Please bring to all Practices & Skill Development Sessions. Basketballs will not be provided at practice or skill development sessions.


When practicing at Gorrell, Whittier, and or Franklin:

·        Franklin - Enter through the main door at the school.

o   Restrooms are located behind the stage.

·        Gorrell  – Enter through the gym door.

o   Restrooms are located off of the gym on both sides of the stage.

·        Whittier  – Enter through the gym door.

o   Restrooms are down the hall on your left hand side.


·        Parents/siblings are permitted in the school buildings; however, they must remain in the gymnasium.

·        Doors will not open until five minutes prior to the start of the first practice at each building. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

o   Once you arrive at the school players are to go directly to the gym and nowhere else.

When practicing at WHS:

·        Enter through the ticket office door.

·        Practice will take place in the Auxiliary / Main gym, make sure to check schedule.

·        Parents/siblings are permitted in the school buildings; however, they must remain in the gymnasium or hallway outside of the gyms.

·        Players will not be permitted in the gyms until 5 minutes prior to the start of their practice.

·        Please note that varsity practices are taking place prior to youth practice and sometimes their practice may run late. Youth players, parents and coaches MUST wait in the hallway until to doors to the gym are open by a varsity coach.


·        If players are being transported by different people each week make sure they have read and understand these policies, there are no excuses to not following these polices. Inform everyone that may transport your child to and from practice.

·        If you bring brothers, sisters, and or other children that are not in the league, or they are in the league but not practicing at that time; they are not permitted in the school buildings without an adult. Coaches are not baby sitters for other children.

·        Please remember that there may be a game taking place at either MMS or WHS and that those games take priority over practices and if you choose to watch the game you may be asked to pay admission fee.

·        Please be on time when picking your son/daughter up, coaches have families that they need to get home to and can’t stay after practice to babysit players.

·        Failure to follow the above guidelines and polices will result in your child not being able to participate in practice at school buildings, thus they may not be able to participate in the MYBL league.

·        Please abide by these polices as failure to do so may result in us not being able to use the facility and thus having to cancel our league due to lack of gym space.

All participants are expected to attend skills sessions & practices. Failure to regularly attend skills sessions & practices may result in player sitting out quarters during games.




When school is canceled, practice is canceled.


Note: There will be a special Christmas Break  & Pre-Season Practice Schedule.