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Playing Time Philosophy

 Our Playing Time Philosophy is progressive throughout the divisions of our program and will vary depending on the program of the participant as outlined below.  This policy is underscored by our goal to put participants in “positions to succeed”, in which they can contribute favorably as a member of a team, develop fundamentally, and in a position where their safety and their teammates safety is secure.  


Flag Football Program

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

This level is instructional.  Our goal is to allow as much playing time as possible for all participants on both offense and defense.   The mission of the head coach will be to rotate players in various positions, including the skill/ball carrying positions, as time permits in games and throughout the season.


3rd Grade tackle Football Division

Harrison Youth Football League

This level is instructional.  Positions will start to be honed for children on both offense and defense based upon their abilities and skill levels as they transition from flag football to tackle football.  Playing time in games is maximized for all players.  Players cannot sit out for more than 2 plays at any time during the game, unless due to injury, illness, or parent/player request or if the head coach exercises discretion in playing time based on player conduct, measurable practice attendance, and most importantly based on the player’s development at practice; specifically the player’s ability to defend/assert themselves and defend their teammates. 

3rd/4th Grade & 5th/6th grade
tackle football Division

Scarsdale recreation youth Football League

These levels are competitive.  Playing Time will be assigned based on player conduct, measurable practice attendance, and most importantly based on the head coaches discretion on a player’s development at practice; specifically the player’s ability to defend/assert themselves and defend their teammates, understanding of their assignment/position, playbook, and game itself.  Positions are assigned and based on each player’s specific and distinct ability.  Player’s positions can be assigned on offense alone, defense alone or both offense and defense.


7th/8th Grade tackle football Division

Westchester United Football League

This level is a precursor to our players participating at the high school level, where the best players ultimately play.  Players will need to work for a starting position.  Once earned, they will need to continue to work to hold that position.  Expectations are that players not in a starting position continue to work, improve, and develop, to earn a starting position or substitution position where they will be able to contribute to the team.  The Head Coach has full discretion on playing time and positions and will utilize the criteria of player conduct, measurable practice attendance, and most importantly based on the development at practice and the player’s ability to defend/assert themselves and defend their teammates, understanding of their assignments/position, playbook, and game itself.


Football is a physically demanding and aggressive sport where a player’s welfare relies on other player’s competency and ability to a large degree, unlike many other youth sports.    


We will be ever vigilant to ensure that any player in a game or competitive environment is capable of safeguarding their welfare and their teammate’s welfare.


Playing time philosophy, for competitive tackle football, based on entitlement, only endangers our players and your child, which in our opinion is not a prudent policy.


  The tackle football divisions conduct close to 60+ practice sessions with 10 to 11 games with our traditional scrimmages and super bowl finale.    


The true benefits of the program instructionally, are the practice sessions themselves.  Our core goal is to keep the players engaged, and constantly developing and learning.  Practice is integral to their development, and where a player’s progression, development and understanding of the fundamentals of this great sport happen. 


Each player’s development physically and mentally in this sport, is special and distinct, as each child is unique as a person. 


Our goal at the competitive tackle football divisions is to have every player contribute to their team and play in the games, predicated upon being the right time, in the right position, right situation and when the head coach deems they can defend themselves and their teammates. 


This league was formed to teach the game of football in a safe manner and environment, and most importantly, via football, ultimately to teach life lessons.  Youth Football in our eyes is not about winning or losing, it’s about personal development, and how learning the true spirit competition will contribute to each and every participant’s success or improvement; academically first and foremost, as well as psychologically, socially and physically.


Our goal is to instill Tiger Pride in our participants:

Tradition:      Commitment to excellence, teaching the spirit of determination, persistency and “hard work”.

Integrity:          Helping our participants to make the right decisions, and “doing the right thing”.

Growth:          Coaching participants to become “responsible” as they grow through learning life lessons on the field.

Education:      “Is number one”, values we teach will transcend to the classroom to assist in            academic progress. 

Respect:         We appreciate diversity and “treat each other as equals”.


To that end, we're faced with some of the most turbulent and competitive economic times we've seen since the great depression.  Our children will be competing for academic accolades, awards, scholarships, and college acceptance.  If they should choose to continue their athletic career, they are going to have to compete for a roster spot itself, positions, and playing time.  The competitive nature of the workforce for employment opportunities in the future is expected to be fierce. 


One of the greatest life lessons we feel obligated to teach at the present, to help in building “character” in our youth, and strengthen the mindset of our children to deal with this environment successfully, now and as they get older, will to focus on instilling the "will to compete" over a prevailing spirit of entitlement.   


We welcome the dialogue between yourself and your child's Head Coach to discuss your child's overall development.  Let’s all keep in mind, that this is not professional football and we encourage this communication at the appropriate time, place and in the proper forum asn the coaches first priority is the safety of the children. 



         We thank you in advance for your cooperation and appreciate your support and it’s our honor and pleasure to coach your child this season.