JK Photography - 2018 Spring Pics

During the season JK will take pictures at a total of 2 V, 2 JV and 2 L3 games.  You can download these pictures for your personal use.

Remember to follow JK Photography rules as you enjoy the pictures:  "If you see a photo or photos you like just download it to your desktop. You may print and use these images for personal use as well as social media. You may not crop off JK Photography's logo or make any edits to JK Photography’s photos. If you would like to use any of these images for commercial use, contact JK Photography. Please download our images, do not screen shot them, as it destroys the quality of our work."

Here is the link for 2018 pictures.  There are so many great photos, see if you can spot your player!

You can download pictures from last season from JK Photography.  Here is a link to the

  Chatfield Boys 2017 Lacrosse Album



Chatfield Lacrosse is utilizing an online sports service named Hudl to upload and view game film.  This is a tool for the coaches and players to review our game film from the season, view film of our opponents (scouting film), and constructively break down and critique our games to improve how we play.  All of the coaches have the ability to make notes on the game film for players to benefit from.  Players have the ability to make highlight films of their season to provide to college coaches if they choose. 

We are using it with teams at all levels.  What is required to make Hudl work is to have volunteers available to film the games.  This can be done on a simple camcorder equipped with some sort of solid-state recording media (no tapes or removable mini-discs).  The camcorder does not need to record in high-definition, standard defininition works just fine.  

Chatfield Boys Lacrosse has purchased two camcorders to assure we can cover all the games at all levels.  Players need to have access to the internet and an e-mail address that they want associated with the player's Hudl account.  This is what is used by Hudl to invite the player to the site and create your login.

Many lacrosse programs in Colorado, as well as the rest of the country, are using Hudl to make their programs more competetive.  Chatfield football, basketball and other sports are also using Hudl for their programs and Boys Lacrosse shares the cost with other Chatfield sports teams.