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Are you a new or a returning member to North Country Youth Hockey (NCYH), if so thank you for joining us this season! Our website has a lot of information and documentation, so we wanted to do a Q & A to help you feel comfortable and hopefully assist you in getting ready for the season. We are really excited for the upcoming season and hope that you are too!


What are NCYH’s Levels and Age Classifications?

Below is a chart provided by USA Hockey that outlines the age classifications, which is based on the birth year of your child/children.

Generally, new or beginner players that are around the age of 4-6 should start in our Mini-Mite program. As the season progresses and your child’s skating skills progress then at this point we can determine if he/she needs to move up. This process is evaluated and determined by our Coaches and Board members.


What is your Learn to Skate / Beginner Hockey Program?

This program is geared toward kids that are interested in learning how to skate and play hockey without any previous or little experience. The program is free for the first year! It starts on Saturday, November 9th and runs until the end of February. Practices are every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM at the Rouses Point Civic Center. You can find out how to register and the complete details in the brochure HERE.


When does the hockey season start?

Our 2019-2020 season is tentatively scheduled to start on October 17th.


When and where are the practices and games?

All of our practices are held at the Rouses Point Civic Center on Tuesday and Thursday nights; time slots will depend on your children’s level. Please see the below.

Home games are held at the Rouses Point Civic Center and away games will vary depending on who/where your team is playing. You can find our master Game Calendar HERE; the schedule is also listed on the bottom of our website. Please note, Learn to Skate and Mini-Mites do not play games. Mini-Mites might play a few games, but these are generally later on in the season.


When can I register my child/children?

You may bring completed registration forms to our first night of practice on Thursday, October 17th. Board members will be available in the downstairs warm room.


What do I need to register my child/children?

Per NCYH and USA Hockey requirements, the following items are required. All of these forms can be found on our website under our Registration Information page.

All of these documents will need to be printed and signed (where required).


I forgot to register with USA Hockey and/or complete the NCYH registration form. Can my child/children start playing?

No. All children must be registered with USA Hockey and NCYH before going onto the ice.

Are there any additional items required to complete the registration process?

Yes - the following items are also required, which are cited on our registration form.

  • A copy of your child/children’s birth certificate
  • Two (2) deposit checks: 1) $250 for the Snack Bar Hours and 2) $150 for the jersey (if applicable).


How much does it cost to register?

This will vary depending on your child’s level, please refer to the chart below.

 Can I pay online?

Yes! This is new this season and we are excited to offer you this option. You can pay online on our website under the Registration Information page. However, the prices offered online are slightly higher than paying by cash or check. The online registration price includes processing fees. If you wish to avoid these fees you can pay in person. We are offering this option for your convenience and it is not required to be used.


What are the Snack Bar Hours requirements?

The Cougar Cafe snack bar is one of the biggest fundraisers for NCYH, which helps reduce the cost of your registration fee. Therefore, it is required that you work a certain amount of Snack Bar hours:

  • Mini-Mite: 8 hours
  • Mite through Bantams: 16 hours

How do I sign up for Snack Bar hours?

Each team is responsible for Snack Bar coverage on a rotating weekly basis. Members must use the website SignUpGenius to reserve their desired snack bar time slots.


What are the fundraising items?

This year we will be selling wreaths and Little Caesars Pizza kits. You can download the wreath fundraising packets below or if you need a hard copy, please contact Janice Letourneau at 518-534-8098 to pick them up. These will also be available on opening practice night.


How many fundraising items do I need to sell?

This varies depending on the level your child is in:

  • Mini-Mite: A combination of 10 items
  • Mite through Bantams: A combination of 20 items


Unfortunately, I do not have the time to meet the Snack Bar hours and fundraising items requirements. Is there another option?

We completely understand that everyone is busy and that sometimes you cannot commit to making these requirements. If this happens then your $250 deposit check will be cashed. If you know at the beginning of the season that you cannot commit to the required hours then you have the option of paying the $250 up front and not have to worry about the hours.


I would like to show our support for NCYH. Do you offer apparel items?

We do! This season we have teamed up with Kevin Smith Sports in St. Albans, VT and are excited to introduce our new line of NYCH Cougar apparel. All orders must be placed by November 1st with a delivery date scheduled for the beginning of December. All items will be sent to the Rouses Point Civic Center and will be distributed upon receipt. You can place your orders online HERE.


I am interested in helping out and being a coach. What do I need to do?

Great! We are always looking for help. If you are interested in becoming a NCYH coach, assistant coach or on-ice helper, please refer to our website under the Coaching Information page.


I am available and interested in volunteering my time. Can you use the help?

YES!!! We are always in need of volunteers! If you have any suggestions, would like to host a fundraising event or volunteer your time, please contact us. Our organization would be able to run without all of the great volunteers we have!


I was with another organization last year and would like to join NCYH. How do I go about this?

We are always interested in new players! Plus, NCYH has the lowest registration fees. To register, just complete the registration process outlined on our website under our Registration Information page. We will also need a completed Player Release Form from your previous organization.


How do I stay up to date with all the latest NCYH news and updates?

We ask that you subscribe to our email newsletter and like us on Facebook. All of our news and updates are sent out via email and posted to Facebook. You can also bookmark our website as this is updated as well.


I have a question that wasn’t answered above or would like to contact you. What are my options?

You can email us at or message us on Facebook.