Character Coaching

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Crofton Baseball is committed to coaching the mental side of the game along with baseball and athletic skills. 

If you're interested in our program, please reach out to


The role of the CHARACTER COACH:

Serve the coaches, parents and athletes from each team by providing material and training.
He or she will identify, discuss, and EXEMPLIFY character qualities that will make a purpose driven difference in life and to each team. 
They work in conjunction with the coach on each team to schedule regular times to provide CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, 3-7 minute discussions.  
These virtue studies (one per week) can involve both life and team situations that stimulate conversation and free exchange of thoughts and ideas about why character matters.  
Reinforces what we, as parents, are already doing with our children. 
Ideally, the coach will inspire one volunteer from each team to conduct the team studies and continue dialog with all volunteer character coaches to ensure effectiveness and consistency.

Additional duties:

·BE AVAILABLE & equipped to assist in crisis situations or typical sportsmanship issues that may occur in a competition.
·PROVIDE training & resources for character development & life management skills that are designed to show the kids by example how character matters in both victory and defeat.


·COORDINATE and ENCOURAGE special outreach events to increase team cohesion and relationships within the Crofton baseball community.