Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About All Star Youth Sports - NFL Flag Football

Q: How much is it to register for ASYS NFL Flag football?

A: The registration fee is $135.00 plus a $5.00 online credit processing fee.  The registration fee includes an official NFL Flag reversible team jersey & official NFL Flag belt and flags (his/hers to keep at the end of the season), mouthpiece, trophies for Superbowl teams, and a pizza party for all teams after their last game of the season. 

Q: Can I still register my child after the deadline date?

A: Yes, you may register late, but there is a $ 15.00 late registration fee. There is no guarantee that a spot will be open and your child may have to play on a different team than he/she would have originally been placed.

Q: What is ASYS refund policy?

A: The league DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS once the player is registered and fees are paid unless the league is unable to place  the player on a team.  If the league is unable to roster a player, a 100% refund will be given. ASYS requires all potential participants to fully understand the refund policy prior to registering. Refunds will not be issued due to over scheduling of the participant. All ASYS programs require a minimum commitment of two hours per week during the scheduled season. Participants that are unwilling or unable to make that commitment will not be refunded for missed practices or games.  The league discourages participants from registering only on condition of specific team placement or coach assignment.  In the event players are not assigned to a specific team, coach or partnered with specific players, even if requested, refunds will not be issued.  


Excusable Delays and Force Majeure: Any delay in the performance by ASYS of its obligations shall be excused when such delay in performance is due to any cause or event of any nature whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of ASYS, including without limitation, any act of God; any fire, flood or weather condition; any earthquake; any epidemic or pandemic; any act of a public enemy, war, insurrection, riot, explosion, terrorist attack or strike; or any government demand, requirement or instruction (each, a “Force Majeure”).  The time for performance of ASYS obligations shall be amended for the period of delay or inability to perform due to such Force Majeure, all as determined by ASYS. 


Q: Where does the money go?

A: Registration fees go towards the following: 1) Staff wages to administer the program;  2) Jerseys and equipment, including balls and flags;  3) All pre registration material, printing and distribution, including registration forms, coaches material, and league fliers;  4) Game fields usage and maintenance, including striping paint and other field marking material;  5) Purchase of trophies / awards & team pizza party;  6) Official’s fees and equipment; 7) Liability insurance; and 8) Web site design and maintenance.  Many other expenses go into making ASYS/NFL Flag football a memorable experience for the players and exciting for the fans.

Q: Is flag football safe?

A: Too often kids are placed in a football environment where they learn to “hit” before they learn how to play the game. ASYS/NFL Flag Football allows the kids the freedom to learn the fundamentals of the game without having to worry about burdensome equipment and unwanted contact.  There are no pads, no helmets, no blocking, no pushing, no diving and no shoving.  Flag football teaches the basic fundamentals of football while serving as an ideal stepping stone for those wanting to eventually join a full-contact league. Yes, flag football is safe!!!

Q: When and where are the games?

A: FALL - The games are played on Sunday mornings and afternoons beginning the last Sunday in September and concluding the first Sunday in November.  The season runs between 7 – 10 games depending on how far your team advances in the playoffs. 
A:   SPRING - The games are played on Sunday afternoons beginning the first Sunday in April and concluding the last Sunday in May. The season runs between 7 – 10 games depending on how far your team advances in the playoffs
A:  All games are played at City Park or Spring Canyon Park in Fort Collins.

Q: What about practice?

A: Practices are held at local city parks to make it convenient for parents and coaches.  Typically practices are held once or twice per week and it is up to each individual coach to determine when and where practice(s) will be held.  Coaches are encouraged to work with players schedules since many players participate in multiple sports.

Q: Will the kids play in the rain?

A: Games will only be cancelled if the fields are deemed to be unplayable by the City and any cancellations will be posted immediately on the website.   If it is a light rain, show up for your game.  The League Director(s) will make the call on site if conditions warrant postponing games until weather lets up.  It is very important that all players communicate with his/her coach in order to know what has been decided concerning the weather / rain schedule.  You can sign up for Text Alert on the website as well as refer to the website for any important information regarding weather cancellations.

Q: What team will my child be on?

A: Teams are arranged first by requests of friends and other players, second from the schools attended and finally, by the closest city park to your home.  Teams are arranged to try to have kids who are friends or from the same school and neighborhood to be on the same team.

Q: What are the age divisions?

A: Divisions are co-ed and based on grade for the current school year as follows:   K&Under, 1st- 2nd, 3rd- 4th, 5th- 6th,  & 7-8th.    

Q: When will I here from a coach?

A: The week following the registration deadline, there will be a coaches meeting. Your child’s coach will be given a roster of the players on his/her team. The coach will then contact you with information on when and where practices will be held. If you haven’t heard from a coach within two weeks following registration deadline, please contact a League Director for further information.

Q: I’m interested in coaching. Who do I contact?

A: You can sign up to coach by submitting our coach’s registration form located on our website.  Although, the league is always in need of dedicated coaches, coaches from the previous season will get first option as returning Head / Assist Coaches.


Q: What are the rules of ASYS/NFL flag?

A: ASYS uses the official NFL flag rules which can be found in the handouts section of the website. 


Q: What are the tiebreakers for playoff tournament?

A: Tiebreakers are as follows in this order:  1) Wins / Losses / Winning percentage, 2) Head to head competition, 3) Points allowed, 4) Coin Flip