Operations and Scheduling

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Jennifer Fiels


410-279-2955 (text is preferred)


·     SI Play

SI Play is our Primary Method of communication with players’ parents.  As a coach you are REQUIRED to use this for your primary method of scheduling.  This not only secures fields properly but is a great help to parents with children in multiple sports/teams.

1.      All of our schedules are on SI Play.  Do not mark events as PRIVATE and they will all show up on our master schedule.  www.CroftonBaseball.com and click “Master Schedule.”  This will make it easier to schedule make-ups, etc.  If there are two teams at the same field at the same time for an event, the one whose event was in SI Play and NOT marked Private will be the one to get the field. 

    1. Please include away games on SI Play.  This is for two reasons:

a.      It’s required to be the primary method of scheduling for the sake of the parents.  You can put detailed information in the away game locations, such as: “field is the one all the way in the back.  Please park near the concession stand.  Please arrive 30 minutes early for warm-ups.”

        1. It allows Crofton Baseball board members (and others via the Master Schedule) to have awareness where teams are.  This helps us reschedule make-ups.  If Team A needs a field on 10/1, and we know that Team B has an away game that day, then we can schedule the make-up without checking to see if Team B will also need a field that day. 
    1. Consider asking a team parent to run the schedule for you.  You can email or text them: “Please add a game at Woods1 on 10/8 at 1 PM vs. Bowie.”  They can get on SI Play and make the event. 
  1. Attached is a link to the “Coaches’ User Guide,” a very helpful PDF to get you going on SI Play -- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B427sWDUVdPscGRJQWNWRTJadU0
  2. Also attached is a link to a document of FAQs that I have had about SI Play.  Please share the FAQs with your parents.  -- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B427sWDUVdPsMHVmaGtrMWNfRHc


·     Make Up Scheduling

1.      View field availability on Master Schedule (www.CroftonBaseball.com)

2.      Email or text Jennifer notifying of the change. As long as the field is open you can make the scheduling change. Note: The change must be made in SI Play to ensure you have a field.