Child Protection Plan

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Overview of Safe Sport Act




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Checklist for Complying to Child Protection Plan




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Child Protection Plan - Safe Sport Act




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Abuse Avoidance Training for Minors

This is intended to be used by parent(s) as a guide.


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Click Here for a Video that you may find helpful

 Use our free video and other resources to protect children from sexual abuse in youth sports. The trailer features Mark Murphy, Green Bay Packers President and CEO and PCA National Advisory Board Member -- a driving force behind these resources, produced by PCA; Kidpower International, a non-profit dedicated to teaching child protection skills; and the Green Bay Packers. This short video provide specific, practical tips that help you, your children and other prevent sexual abuse.

Hattiesburg Dixie Youth Reporting Abuse Guidelines

Hattiesburg Dixie Youth Baseball in conjunction with the Hattiesburg Exchange Club would like to introduce Kids Hub of Hattiesburg as a resource if so needed.


Click Here to access Kids Hub Child Advocacy Center

located in Hattiesburg, Ms


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Child Abuse Reporting Guidelines

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