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Scholastic Achievement

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Pop Warner Football and Cheer has a scholastic achievement component designed to emphasize the importance of performance off the field and in the classroom for all athletes.   

 Each season, report cards from the previous school year are collected and GPAs calculated through a national Pop Warner conversion system.  Athletes whose GPAs were below a C- average the previous school year are required to obtain permission from the school in order to participate in the current season.  They must also provide progress reports in late September that demonstrate satisfactory academic performance in the current school year in order to continue playing in the season.  

 Athletes with strong scholastic records are eligible for recognition on the local, regional and national levels of Pop Warner:



All cheer and football athletes currently in 4th grade and up, with a B- average for the past school year and with no grade lower than a C, are automatically eligible to be named to the All Bux-Mont Scholastic Team.  The Radnor Raiders Scholastic Representative oversees the calculation of GPAs from the report cards collected and submits a list of qualified athletes to Bux-Mont.  Each qualified athlete receives an Certificate of Achievement from Bux-Mont during our annual banquet at the end of the season.

 In 2012, 98% of Radnor Raiders Athletes were named to the All Bux-Mont Scholastic Team -- one of the highest percentages among all the Associations in the League.



This program recognizes athletes age 12 and older who have demonstrated academic excellence in school.  Nominees must be League age 12 or older (turned 12 before August 1 of the current season), and have achieved a B- average for the past school year and with no grade lower than a C (the same criteria for inclusion in the All Bux-Mont Scholastic Team).  

The 12 year old athletes are ranked according to GPA from highest to lowest by the Radnor Raiders Scholastic Representative and submitted to Bux-Mont.  The top 12 year old football player and the top 12 year old cheerleader are guaranteed to be selected for the program.  In any given season, Bux-Mont may increase the number selected to include additional high ranking nominees from each Association.  

Recipients of the Scholar-Athlete Awards are notified by letter from Bux-Mont and are invited to the Bux-Mont Scholar-Athlete Banquet in mid January.  Radnor Raider athletes who are named Bux-Mont Scholar Athletes are recognized at our end of the season banquet.


Radnor Young Raiders Bux-Mont Scholar Athletes

2012:  Aidan Carter, Nick Merriam  (no cheerleading program this year)

2013:  Football: Owen DelMonte, Chase Ressler, Evan Zanolli
             Cheer: Jessica Bogutz

2014:  Football: Colby Kim, Jackson Smith

              Cheer: Claudia Bay, Maddie Dugan




Pop Warner All-American is a national recognition of athletes who have achieved the highest levels of academic excellence.  All-American athletes are among the top 2% of Pop Warner participants across the country.

All cheer and football athletes currently in 5th grade and up, with a calculated GPA of 96% from the previous school year are eligibile to be considered for All-American designation.

The Radnor Raiders Scholastic Representative calculates the GPAs from the previous year report cards based on the Pop Warner conversion system which standardizes different report card systems used by different schools across the country.  Parents of qualified athletes are given the Pop Warner All American Application and must fill it out and submit it back to the Scholastic Representative in order for the athlete to be considered.

The All American application certifies the athlete's GPA and lists academic honors, extracurricular activities, community service and other non-sport activities such as band, orchestra, student government, etc. that the athlete participated in during the previous school year.

The completed All-American application is submitted to the national Pop Warner office through Bux-Mont.  Athletes who are named Pop Warner All-Americans are notified by letter in March/April and are invited to attend the annual National Pop Warner All-American Scholar Banquet held in May.  The names of All-Americans are also listed on the Pop Warner website.

Radnor Raiders nominated for Pop Warner All-American are announced and honored at our end of the season banquet.


Radnor Young Raiders Pop Warner All-Americans

2012:  Evan Zanolli

2013:  Owen DelMonte, Chase Ressler, Evan Zanolli and Edward Zhang 

2014:   To be Announced