Adult Leadership

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Adult Leadership

Troop Committee
Position Name Phone
Scoutmaster Pat Tobbe
Committee Chairperson Kirk Foeller
Charter Organization Representative Kyle Becher  
Sponsor Organization Liaison Ava Joly 883-0016
Treasurer Ricky Sparks 489-4670
Advancement Chairperson Enitza Gillespie 532-8714
Merit Badge Counselor Chairperson Charles Blaylock 650-4619
Communications Secretary Ron Casto 881-5538
High Adventure Advisor Rich Edmondson
Special Events Coordinator Brenda Fulmer 881-4995
Service Projects Coordinator Vacant  
Fundraising Coordinator Lee Laws 882-0438
Medical Coordinator Marty Soprano 883-6074
Summer Camp Coordinator Vacant  
Adult Training Chairperson Garry Freeman 859-9530
Transportation Coordinator Jimmy Bozeman 489-5580
Troop Equipment Chairperson Bill Oliver 881-4965
Eagle Advisor Kirk Foeller 885-9788
Religious Awards Coordinator Ava Joly 883-0016

Assistant Scoutmasters
Position Name Phone
Assistant Scoutmaster Jimmy Bozeman 489-5580
Assistant Scoutmaster Kirk Foeller 885-9788
Assistant Scoutmaster Darren Reed 518-9611
Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Holbrook 534-5554
Assistant Scoutmaster Dave Elder 656-5109
Assistant Scoutmaster Pat Tobbe 883-9045
Assistant Scoutmaster Marty Soprano 883-6074
Assistant Scoutmaster Paul Rivette 881-6007
Assistant Scoutmaster Dan Brown 881-5480



Additional information is available for Committee Members and Scoutmasters on the Troop intranet