Spring Shootout 3/15

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March 15th - 17th,, 2019



 9u-12u @ Troy Park (6) Turf Fields

13u-14u @ Blandair Regional (2) Turf Fields


 Home Run Derby will be Sponsored by  MLB

  (9u-14u Open Divisions)

2018 Sold Out by Mid January!!!

Register early and secure a spot now!

9u - 12u -)

( 13u - 14u -

Open    9u-12u   3-Game Format

Open   13u-14u   3-Game Format


 All of our 3-Game Format Tournaments have a Game MVP Coin awarded to each winning teams coach which He awards to their Most Valuable Player for that game.  We hold Home Run Derby's, Skills Challenges and even a Coaches Fungo Challenge for many of our tournaments.  Our staff also gives out Sibling Medals during the entire weekend to those siblings supporting their older brothers, because we think that they deserve a reward for what they do!  We would love to have your team join us and experience the difference!


Trophies for Winner & Finalists

Medals for Consolation Winners & Finalists

Tournament Game MVP Coins for every Game MVP, Every Game!

Tournament Game MVP COINS      Tournament Game MVP COINS

Player Tournament T-Shirts available for pre-order 

2 Umpires for all Championship Games in the Open Division

2 Umpires for the 13u-14u Open Division

Payment prior to February 1st, 2019  Will Secure Spot


To register for this tournament just click on the "REGISTER HERE" Button on the left

or email tournament director at mdbaseball@usssa1.com

Payment and final rosters must be submitted prior to the deadline or tournament being full.  If Payment is not received by the deadline, then your team will be placed on the waitlist for the next available spot to open up.  Please don’t wait to get your payment in.

See Handout Section for registratioin  


Registration Fee

OPEN   (9u- 12u ) Entry Fee  -  $700

OPEN   (13u- 14u ) Entry Fee  -  $775


Payments made online will be assessed an additional CC Fee.

Payment Made after February 1st, 2018

Will be assessed an additional $50 Processing Fee


 There will be a maximum number of teams of 12 per age group (Unless otherwise decided by the Tournament Director at a later time.  If there are not enough teams to do a specific age group, then teams will be contacted to discuss being combined with another age group prior to the schedules being made. 

The select program division is designed for teams made up from players that have not played travel baseball during the Spring.  Open Divisions is for full time travel teams only. 

To reserve your teams spot in this tournament, you must fill out the Registration Form.  Payment must be made no later than February 1st, 2018 or by the time tournament is full.  Teams will be placed on a waitlist once their respective age group and division is full.  Teams that have registered will be placed on the list as first come first on the list.  Teams that pay first will be fully secured to participate.  Don't delay your payment, and especially don't delay your registration. Final Rosters must be submitted before the start of the tournament.

In the event of a weather related event, the tournament director can and will make adjustments to the schedule to either delay, cancel, move, or seed teams on a Sunday when there is a Saturday Pool play weather event.  If for some reason (Due to weather) some teams play 2 games and others only play 1 pool play game, then the tournament director would typically seed the teams based on the average runs allowed and not the total runs allowed.  If no pool play games are played, then the tournament director may seed the teams based on their registration date.  All of these options are still up to the discretion of the tournament director.  In the event of a complete cancelation of the tournament, please refer to the tournament guide for credits, and refunds.


 Make Checks Payable to "Maryland USSSA Baseball"

Credit Card Payments available

To Register click on the "REGISTER HERE" button on the left

or contact Tournament Director 

E-Mail:   mdbaseball@usssa1.com


     Please Go to the HANDOUT section to download the registration form or to quickly reserve a spot for your team,

     click on the REGISTER HERE button and fill out the basic information.

     Fill out the form and either fax or email the signed form and roster back to the tournament director.

     If the tournament is full, then your team will be placed on the waiting list as first-come first-serve basis.

     All Games for Turf Wars-I will be played at the new Blandair Regional Park Turf Fields.


All of our Tournaments are Fully Transferable in the event of Weather Related Cancelations, so long as there is spots available in another tournament of your choosing in your teams age group.  For example...... If this Tournament is canceled due to weather, you can transfer your teams registration to the following weekend (3/22/18) Turf Wars-I at no additional Expense to your team.  The only exception is, that you cannot transfer your payment to another Tournament that you have already registered and paid for. 


9-12u Open   3-Game Format             13u-14u Open  3-Game Format


Divisions Teams Entered   Entry            Fee Tournament T-Shirt Register          Now Schedules


9U Open                         8 Teams Teams     Entered  3-Game Format $700 $15              Pre-Order Register          Now Not Posted
10U - Open                  8 Teams
Teams     Entered  3-Game Format $700 $15               Pre-Order Register          Now Not Posted
11U - Open Div.            12 Teams
Teams Entered  3-Game Format $700 $15              Pre-Order Register       Now Not Posted
12U - Open                    12 Teams Teams     Entered  3-Game Format $700 $15              Pre-Order Register          Now Not Posted

13U - Open                   10 Teams

Teams Entered  3-Game Format $775 $15                Pre-Order Register       Now Not Posted
14U - Open                 10 Teams Teams Entered 3-Gae Format $775 $15          Pre-Order   Not Posted





9u - Open      

     Arlington Arsenal Blue (VA)

     Team Vinci (VA)

     Damascus Cougars (MD)


10u - Open      

    Great Falls Senators (VA)

    Arlington Arsenal Blue (VA)

    Elkridge Hurricanes Orange (MD)

    Potomac Blast - Werner (WV)


11u - Open    

    ATB Arsenal Blue (VA)

    Arlington Arsenal Travel Baseball (VA)

    Lake Shore Graysox (MD)

    Team Vinci (VA)

    Gambrills Athletics (MD)


12u - Open      

     Elkridge Hurricanes Green (MD)

     Olney Pirates (MD)

     Team Vinci (VA)


13u - Open       

     Lake Shore Graysox (MD)

     Elkridge Hurricanes (MD)

     White Marsh Warriors (MD)

     BCC Big Train (MD)

     Mifflin County Eagles (PA)


14u - Open 

     West Virginia Patriots (WV)