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Private Lessons

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Shooting and Stickhandling

If you are interested in shooting or stickhandling better CK Hockey is now offering private and semi private lessons.


Email Casey to schedule your lesson.



Online Shooting Lessons Now Available

February 9, 2013

CK Hockey is now offering shooting lessons over the internet!


How can we do that? 

All you need to do is take 2 or 3 10 seconds clips of your son/daughter shooting 2 or 3 shots. One set from behind and one set from the side. Then just text those clips to 603 785 9180.

Casey Kesselring will analize the shot from the set up, shooting motion and finish and send you back a video to watch. 

Using Coaches Eye program Casey can slow the shot down to give you precise feedback on your shot and what you need to work on!

Once the video clips have been received you will be contacted for payment over the phone!





Private Lessons

Private Lessons are conducted on the Synthetic Ice Training Facility at the Ice Den Arena. Days and times depend on the time of year so contact Casey with questions or to schedule a lesson!

Cost Structure

1 Player: $50/.5hr, $100/hr

2 Players: $35/.5hr, $70/hr

3 Players: $25/.5hr, $50/hr