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Celebrating over 40 years of bringing top quality soccer instruction to the Brick area!

We are the home of Brick soccer, the most teams, the most players, the most dedicated parents and coaches! Come experience the difference at Twin County!


Come see why over 1,000 players and their families choose Twin County Soccer! 

We have 28 Travel Soccer teams, with over 50% of our teams playing in the Eastern Development Program (EDP) & the rest in the Monmouth-Ocean Soccer Assoc. league (MOSA). 

The difference to other programs in the area is in our outstanding instructional Micro/Rec program. Fun & challenging, but most importantly, developmentally aligned with US Soccer's Player Development Guidelines and Principles, ensuring your player gets the quality instruction they deserve to help them enjoy the game and grow & develop within it.

Our training partner, Stainton Sports follows US Soccer guidelines in developing curriculum to teach your child in the best manner, using the most modern coaching methodology and techniques available. 

Rick Stainton, President & Director of Operations for Stainton Sports, relies on his experience as a US Soccer Scout, US Youth Soccer Region Coach, ODP Coach, and College Head Coach to work up a curriculum that ensures your child's growth & development within the sport.

Rick holds a USSF A License, a USC Premier Diploma, a USC National Goalkeeping Diploma. Stainton Sports' lead staff is USSF/NJYS licensed, are most often former college level soccer players, and they wish to share their love of the game. Youth player assistants are high school players that help guide and assist the lead staff. Trainer to player ratios are kept small so that each player gets the attention they deserve.

Compare and ask around and you will find that our Micro program prepares your player for future success and enjoyment of the game better than any other game in town!

Register TODAY using the link below...more information is listed below as well.

Link: bit.ly/MicroSpr2020


For more information email Joe Ferigne at jferigne@twincountysoccer.org or Tom Bell at tfbell88@aol.com

For difficulties with registration, contact Paul Pallante at paul@ableworx.com




All players will receive their own Twin County Soccer t-shirt. All t-shirts will be given to the coaches on Saturday morning and distributed before your first session. All players are expected to provide their own shorts, socks, shin guards, ball, and appropriate soccer footwear [sneakers are acceptable, but soccer cleats are recommended].

Ball sizes: U3 thru U6 use a #3 ball; U7 & UP use a #4 ball 
Safety Warning 

No Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, metal or plastic hair clips of any kind can be worn while participating in soccer practice or games. Please remove prior to arriving at the field.  


Micro & In-House Rec Soccer Programs

The Twin County Soccer Association has been bringing the sport of soccer to this area for more than 35 years!!!


Twin County Soccer Association's Micro & Rec. programs are aligned with US Youth Soccer Player Development models and best practices, the ONLY local program that can make that claim. We are uniquely qualified to design a program to develop your child's love affair with the game of soccer. Come experience a youth soccer program unmatched in the area that will offer increased contact time and is focused on fun, learning, and player development.

The training provided to players in our Micro and Recreation level programs is provided by professional trainers. All staff members are fully licensed coaches both in the United States & Europe and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each child. Through age appropriate curriculum and a methodology that has proven successful across many years, Twin County S.A. will ensure that players are given the proper instruction necessary to develop the technical fundamentals of the game at an early age and the tactical knowledge as they progress. No other program in the area is better equipped than Twin County S.A. is for preparing your child for future success in the sport while allowing them to enjoy the fun of learning and competition.


The aim of our Micro & Recreational program is to provide the youth of Brick Township and the surrounding area with a quality soccer program focused on player development and learning. Our program offers young players the opportunity to train under some of the best training staff within the state. Of course, the opportunity to test those skills is provided through gameplay in both programs. Everyone gets a chance to play in our program with the emphasis on trying to get each player in for 50% of the game.


Our Micro & Recreational programs provide for the development & training of players with the intent of enriching the experience for the player.  The structure of the program allows for all players to be placed in the most appropriate training environment that will eventually feed seamlessly into our more advanced travel teams. Starting at the U-8 level, Twin County S.A. fields boy's and girl's teams in the Ocean County Rec and MOSA Soccer Leagues. The player that wants to challenge themselves at a higher level is afforded the opportunity to tryout and be evaluated for a position on those teams.

Program Information

Our 'Micro' Soccer Program is for children ages 4 to 6. The program is an introduction to soccer played in a one-day format.

There are no practices during weekdays. The program is on Saturdays.

The 1 hour session is broken up into 1 part training and 1 part game play.

It is a 7-week program in the Spring and Fall seasons.


Required Equipment:

-Shin Guards

-Soccer Shoes or Sneakers



Our In-House Recreational or 'Rec' Soccer Program is for children of the age of 6 to 8. This program is for the novice player who may or may not have participated in our Micro Program. Training & Games are held on Saturdays. It is a 7-week week program in the spring and fall seasons.  There is additional 1-hour training for these age groups on Monday evenings for 6-weeks starting after opening day.


Required Equipment:

-Shin Guards

-Soccer Shoes or Sneakers



Our U9 & Older Training program is for U9 & older kids who may have aged out of our in-house rec program and want to continue playing or just want to try the sport on for size.  This program consists of one (1) hour of training each Saturday - this is not a team style program.


Required Equipment:

-Shin Guards

-Soccer Shoes or Sneakers


-Instruction & scrimmages on Saturdays.


All players must have:
ball, shin guards, shorts, appropriate soccer footwear
[sneakers are acceptable, but soccer cleats are recommended] 
Ball sizes:
U4 through U6 use a #3 ball
U7 & UP use a #4 ball 

Closings of the Micro & Rec programs due to inclement weather...

Closings of the Micro & Rec programs due to inclement weather will be announced via our text messaging system, Instagram account (@twincountysoccer) or Facebook page ( If you think there might be a chance the program may be rained out for the day, check our Facebook page before leaving home. Your coach may also elect to call you or email you as well. It is recommended that you subscribe to our text messaging system.

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Twin County Soccer Association Micro & In-House Refund Policy

Rules & Regulations

Our staff guarantees a quality program that you can be happy with, but we are always looking for ways to better improve our programs. We also understand that situations change and that we cannot always accommodate everyone. In every program there is the initial setup and administration that takes place to make it successful and run smoothly. We also try to keep our costs down and affordable. For these reasons, we have enacted a refund policy.

Any refund request must be made by a parent or guardian in writing to the TCSA Program Coordinator/Administrator, not your child's coach. An e-mail will be considered a written request. 


Please contact:  Joe Ferigne, Micro & Rec. Coordinator, at jferigne@twincountysoccer.org if you choose to withdraw from a TCSA program. 


A 100% refund will be given if a child cannot be placed on a team due to space/coach limitations.

Any player who withdraws prior to participating in the first calendar scheduled session of the season shall be entitled to a full refund of their registration fee (less $10 processing and administrative charge) only provided that the player/parent submits a request for refund in writing and returns the unused uniform.  There will be a $30 fee for non-returned uniforms.

Any refund request(s) must be made in writing before the start of the second calendar scheduled session deadline. 

No refunds will be granted for no-shows or requests made after the deadline for refund requests.

A conflict with another sport does not trigger a refund. There are no refunds due to inclement weather.

Any player who withdraws after participating in the first game session of the season shall not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee. 

In the case when registrations are submitted for two seasons (fall and spring) at one price, and a refund request occurs after the fall season has commenced and prior to the start of the spring season, the refund for the second season will be the remaining difference between a single season price and the price for two seasons for one.  (Current example: $70 [two for one price] - $50 [single season price] = $20 [spring season refund]).

Refunds will be processed and paid within thirty (30) days of approval.