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About the Players

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Ice Storm LB/SS Donny LaFluer

About The Players

A number of individual players come to the Vermont Ice Storm with interesting if not extraordinary football skills and backgrounds. Some players have played professionally, others were college scholarship athletes, and some were standouts for their local high school programs.

All of the players have one thing in common… a passion for playing football. These men sacrifice much of their free time to play for the Ice Storm. Since no one is paid, the players hold down regular jobs and then come to practice after a full work day.

Ice Storm players are expected to be model citizens and are required through team by-laws to attend and/or participate in several community events throughout the season.

All of this commitment has helped the Vermont Ice Storm organization be one of the most successful semi-pro teams in the country over the past five years. In that time, the team has won nearly 70% of its games which, according to Semi Pro Football, ranks us within the top 75 out of 836 teams.

For 2012, the Ice Storm is looking to add more quality players to its family. Those interested in being part of a top notch, community oriented, successful organization should email Head Coach Drew Gordon at

"Slideshow and Music Forthcoming"

Ice Storm Defensive Tackle Travis Delaney wrote this article
about the Ice Storm from a Players Perspective.
It was published by the Vermont Quarterly