2015 Spring Team Registration

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2015 Registration Procedure


Complete and submit the following forms for the team registration


Step 1)  Obtain US Lacrosse membership or renew current membership

  • The US Lacrosse website is located at www.uslacrosse.org
  • Membership must expire after 5/31/15    
  • Forward confirmation email for your membership or renewal from US Lacrosse to tempelacrosse@aol.com
  • You will need your membership number to register with the Arizona Lacrosse League


Step 2)  Team Registration Form - Download Reg Form

  • The deadline for the registration paperwork is 1/9/15


Step 3)  Fees & Player Package Order Form - Download Fee/Order Form

  • Attach a check, made out to Aztec Lacrosse Club
  • Assistance – Please contact Cliff if you need to make some accommodation for payment.


Step 4)  Volunteer Form - Download Volunteer Form (Check back later)

  • Every family (player or parent) must sign up for something but you may sign up for more than one volunteer effort
  • Player/Parent(s) need to select volunteer effort and turn in with registration materials


Step 5)  League Registration – Arizona Lacrosse League (The Registration may not be open, I will let you know when to start registering)



Spring Break Policy

When a player joins any team they are committing to their coaches and their teammates. That commitment lasts for the team’s entire season, practices and games. The lacrosse season starts in January with practices and lasts until May. During that time it is expected that the players prioritize their time so that all of their school work is completed around practices and their work schedules will not interfere with practices or games.


Lacrosse is a spring sport and will possibly practice & play games during spring break. It is expected that every Aztec Lacrosse Club player is available and attends every practice and/or game that is scheduled during the schools spring break. The club is working with the league scheduler to limit the games during the break but it is likely we will have games on one of the weekends.

If a player cannot commit to the team policy regarding participation during spring break then they should not register/commit to the team.




Refund Policy

The Aztec Lacrosse Club does not issue any refunds. The team dues are due in installments as the club makes payments to support the team. Based on this timeline we cannot issue any refunds for team dues that are submitted with registration.