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In recognition of the great demand for membership in Martingrove Baseball Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Martingrove”) from all corners of Etobicoke over the past several years, Martingrove has and will continue to serve the needs of all residents of Etobicoke.

In the event that the demand is greater than Martingrove’s capacity to serve all, Martingrove will look first to serve last year’s players who sign up during the pre-registration period designated by the Executive Committee. Thereafter, Martingrove will attempt to serve on a first-come/first-served basis the youth residing in Etobicoke.
The Executive Committee will review those placed on a waiting list with no regards to boundaries.

a) Each player must submit a registration application form fully and properly completed. The application must be accompanied by the registration fee as determined by the Executive Committee and the player may be required to submit proof of age document.
b) Only players who have registered and paid all fees may participate in any league tryouts, games or practice.
c) All Parents and players must sign the Martingrove Code of Conduct each season and abide by the terms set out therein. 
a) Where possible, the age limits of the various house league groups will follow the age limit established by the governing body of the area.
b) Martingrove will endeavor to satisfy the needs of all registered youth, provided that,
there will be sufficient registrations to form a house league group and that facilities are
available. In any event, registrations will not be open to youth under  four (4) years of
age as of December 31 for the current calendar year. Requests to have a child
registered in a higher or lower age group is at the discretion of the appropriate Vice
a) A player must wear his complete team uniform as provided by Martingrove.
b) The player’s house league uniform is the property of Martingrove and may be with- drawn for good cause. The rep/select player’s uniform during the course of the season is
considered the property of Martingrove and as such may be withdrawn for good
cause. The Executive Committee shall determine what portion of the rep player’s
uniform is to be paid for by the rep player and what portion of the total uniform may
be retained by the player at the end of the season.
c) A player’s uniform consists of:
HOUSE LEAGUE; Martingrove cap, Team Jersey, Grey Pants. (Socks and belts may be provided) Blastball; Martingrove cap and Team Jersey only

REP/SELECT; Martingrove cap, Team Jersey, Grey Pants, Belt and Socks 

SOFTBALL; Martingrove cap or visor, Team Jersey, Shorts, Socks

No additions, changes or alterations (except to improve fit) may be made without the
Approval of the Executive Committee. Example: player’s name on shirt.

Players’ names are allowed on the back of Rep or Select uniforms at the option of individual Rep or Select Teams. This additional cost would be the responsibility of each team.

a) Rep or Select Teams will be called Martingrove White Sox and will wear only approved uniforms and insignia as deemed by the Executive
b) Rep or Select teams will be entered for competition in all age groups provided that the
opportunity prevails.
c) Rep or Select teams will not be entered if such teams place the formation of a house league group in jeopardy.
d) Players for Rep or Select teams will be selected on a merit basis.

e) Select players from Rookie to Peewee will also play House League
f) A player may be promoted to or placed on a Rep team only if there is an opening in the house league for a demoted player.
g) Travelling expenses will not be paid by Martingrove to any Rep or Select team.
h) All Rep or Select teams will enter a minimum of three tournaments. All tournament costs will be the responsibility of the individual teams. Martingrove may consider advancing the team tournament fees. In such circumstances, it is the head Coach’s
responsibility to collect the amount owing in full and remit to the Treasurer prior to the start of the season.
i) Tournament Requirements and Revenue Sharing:
A separate document entitled “Tournament Guidelines” is annexed to these By-Laws and it is the responsibility of the Vice-President to provide the Tournament Chairperson with such Guidelines and ensure that the same are followed. (See attached)

a) League approved team awards will be awarded to all players and coaches.
b) Each player and coach on a championship team (league and play-off) may receive an
c) The standard and approved Martingrove crest for awarding to players is a block “M”.

Jackets and accessories for Martingrove will use only the official colours of Martingrove. “Black/Grey/White” and where appropriate will display the approved Martingrove insignia (on the left breast of jacket). In all other respects, jacket specifications and accessories must be approved by the Executive Committee.

a) Must have a reasonable knowledge of the game, and be prepared to qualify
themselves as managers and coaches under any training program that may be requested by Martingrove.
b) Are expected to abide by the objectives of Martingrove as laid down in article 1.3 of the Constitution.
c) Shall be responsible for the conduct of their team personnel at all times while the team is on or adjacent to the playing area and at team functions.
d) Shall be responsible for all equipment issued to their team and for the appearance of their team’s uniforms.

e) Shall wear the approved coaches shirt at all times during games.
f) Shall use an approved baseball score book at all games and keep the book for perusal by the series conveners if required.
g) Home team mangers shall report the scores of each game to the series convener within twenty-four (24) hours of the game or as required by the specific division rules.
h) All coaches and managers must be approved by two-thirds of the Executive Committee. A process must be in place to deal with competition for coaching positions.

a) All protests will be dealt with by a Protest Committee consisting of at least three (3)
Members including the Umpire-In-Chief. The Division’s Vice-President and the series convener will select the other two (2) Members, one of whom must be an Executive Committee Member.
b) Protests will be accepted only if they are based on misinterpretation of the playing rules. Decisions based on Umpire’s judgment are never grounds for protest.
c) Protests must be made at the time of the incident and before the next play is made
and/or a runner is retired, by the team manager or coach to the plate umpire who will:
- advise the other team
- ensure that both team’s score books are appropriately noted.
- Sign both score books with name and phone number.
Protests are not valid if this is not done.
d) A protest is not official unless it is confirmed in writing within forty-eight (48) hours of
the incident. Copies of the protest must be provided to the:
i) Division Vice-President
ii) Series convener who will provide a copy to the opposing coach.
e) All protests must be accompanied by a $50.00 fee which will be returned if the protest
is upheld.
f) Each team may be represented at the Protest Committee hearing, but only one (1)
Member from each team may speak. Teams will be advised by the Division Vice-President as to the date and time of the hearing. The hearing will be held within forty-eight (48) hours from the receipt of the written protest.
g) The decision of the Protest Committee will be final and non-debatable within Martingrove.

The Executive Committee shall be empowered to act on any complaints regarding activities
which are detrimental to the aims and objectives of Martingrove.

a) Any Member of Martingrove shall be subject to suspensions from Martingrove by the
Executive Committee if he/she deliberately contravenes in any way the Constitution and By-Laws of Martingrove.
b) A majority decision of the Executive Committee shall decide on the suspension of any
Member or Player.
c) Decisions reached by the Executive Committee will be final and non-debatable within

a) All on field matters occurring during the course of a game referred for disciplinary action must be dealt with by a Discipline Committee of not less than three (3) Members and shall be formed and chaired by the President or his/her designate and shall include the Umpire-In-Chief.
b) The Discipline Committee shall have the right to suspend or reprimand individuals involved in any matter under its jurisdiction.
c) All incidents which occur during the course of a ball game and which result in ejection or may require
additional Disciplinary action must be reported by the plate umpire of the game to the series convener or Umpire-In-Chief. Within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident, the Series Convener or Umpire-In-Chief must report to the Division Vice-President. Incidents occurring during interlock play must also be reported to the EBA Umpire in Chief (UIC)
d) If necessary, the Division Vice President will advise the President who shall set the date, time, and place for the Discipline Committee to meet. This should take place
within seventy-two (72) hours after the incident.
e) The parties involved will be informed of the meeting, advised to attend, and present material relevant to the matter under consideration. A written umpire’s report, if relevant, should be available to the Discipline Committee.
f) Any incident involving an assault on a coach, manager, official, player or umpire shall result in an automatic suspension until the matter is reviewed by the Discipline Committee.
g) Players, coaches or managers ejected from a ball game shall be reported by the plate umpire of that game to the Vice-President of the Division and series convener or Umpire-In-Chief, who may take action through the Discipline Committee. All ejections will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension.
h) Decisions reached by the Discipline Committee will be final and non-debatable within

a) Prior to the start of each season, a set of playing rules and regulations which are supplementary to the By-Laws and the Constitution must be submitted to the Executive Committee by the Division Vice-Presidents. The Executive Committee shall have the power to alter any of the said rules and regulations.

b) During Interlock play The EBA Official Rules for Interlock will be used. A seasonal review will take place with regards to amendments or deletions chaired by the EBA UIC with representation from the Associations.

a) A budget must be prepared and submitted by the Treasurer to the Executive Committee for approval no later than May 1st.
b) Expenditures for items which exceed the item’s total approved budget require approval
once the budget total is exceeded by $500.00.

a) All House league players should receive equal playing time.
b) No player can sit out twice until all players have sat out once.

The equalization of House league teams will be left to the discretion of the Division Vice-president and convener. However, the transfer of players for equalization purposes must be done prior to the fourth league game of the teams involved.

Where Martingrove is affiliated with another organization, the rules governing inter-league play must be established before the start of the season. (See 13 b)

All minutes, budgets, and other league operating information will be open for review by any Member upon proper notification to a Member of the Executive Committee. Upon prior notification any Member is welcome to attend an Executive Committee meeting.

Revised October 12, 2011