2018 Parent Packet

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2018 Parent Meeting

Click here for .pdf version of 2018 Parent Meeting notes


2018 Parent meeting




            2018 Board Members:                                           2018 Auxiliary Board Members:


President-Jack Hausherr                                                       Vicki Hausherr-Head of Concessions


Vice President-Tracy Olkiewicz                                             Christina Petrusek


Treasurer-Jay Corral                                                              Nicole Tormey


Player Agent-Tom Zielinski                                                     Shannon Battiato


Equipment Coordinator-John Tormey                                    -


PT/FT Travel/ Pony Coordinator/ Tournaments-John Hinde                          -


T-Ball/ Pinto Coordinator-Antonio Guglielmo                                     -


Mustang/ Bronco Coordinator- Chris DeLaCruz


Umpire Coordinator- Mike Sterlow


Ridge Fields Coordinator-Anthony Gentile


Batting Cages/convent- Mark Spice


Special Events/Fund raising-Michael Dawson




If you are interested in joining the board or aux board, contact a board member for details.


Board meetings are open to the public and are normally held on the first Monday of the month.






-it is very important that everyone does their share so we don't have to close concessions


            or pay people to work to keep it open


-signup on our website with signup genius


-if you have problems or questions you can email us at ofbaconcessions@gmail.com


-everyone must do at least 2 shifts in concession as well as one other opportunity


-If you have or know of anyone who needs service hours, please let us know and they can earn 


their hours by helping out at the fields or concessions stands.






-We will send information about league events to managers and team parents, they will forward


to team if you are not receiving information, please let me know


-you can contact us via email at info@oakforestbaseball.org


-as of now, rainouts and important reminders will be sent via all-call to the number you


            listed on the registration


-email blasts will also be used for important events








 Important dates:


-Umpire clinic Sunday 04/14 5:00 p.m. at the cages


-Stepup day at Oak Forest High School Tuesday 04/23


-Field Day Sat 4/15 (depending on weather), signup online or just show up


-Picture Day at Arbor Thur 4/19 from 5:30pm-9:00pm


-Parade Day at Kerkstra Sat 4/28


end at Hille and have opening day ceremony immediately following


-Hot Dog day at Oak Forest High School Tuesday 04/30


-TBall day at Oak Forest High School Tuesday 05/08


-Thunderbolts game Sat 06/2, $10 get your tickets early to sit with your team


-All-Star day/Picnic/Trophies Sat 06/23 at Convent fields, full day of fun






-We offset our operating costs with special events like the restaurant food nights, candlelight bowl and Thunderbolts night as well as sponsorships.  Please join us to have a great time and raise money for our organization.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know!




Spirit Wear:


-Spirit wear is available online only through Santos Sports. Check website for link. All orders must be placed by 03/28 and will be delivered to us by 04/28