2015 Award Winners

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2015 Award Winners



 Player of the Year

Justin "Juice" Blakeslee

"Juice" was the top player in the SRL for the 2015 season thanks to his tremendous hitting, pitching, and fielding.  Justin's outstanding year helped lead the Wiffleball Junkies to becoming champions of the Penobscot Division for 2015.

Justin, the league's all-time home run leader,  led the league with eleven round-trippers, easily outdistancing second place by five.  He also finished second in OPS (1.573) and RBIs (51), and fourth in batting avrage (.576).

"Juice" was successful on the mound in limited action, posting a 3-2 record.  He finished fourth in ERA (2.95) and sixth in WHIP (2.31).  He also claimed his third consecutive gold glove award and is one of the top baseruners in the league.  

Runner Up: Zach "Artim Bomb"

Cy Young Award

Zach "Artim Bomb"

Zach dominated the SRL from the mound in 2015.  "Artim Bomb" went undefeated, joining Josh Sorber (2014) as the only pitcher to win ten games in a season.  He broke his own season strikeout record with 145, averaging an incredible 2.84 per inning.  He also finished second to teammate Bob Loftus in ERA (0.59) and WHIP (0.82).

Runner Up: Bob Loftus


Most Valuable Player

Ross LsSoine

Ross was not the top statistical player on the season, but no individual player was more responsible for his team's success.  While the Jabronis, Wiffleball Junkies, and Westside Washout glided into the playoffs with ease, EPS rebounded from a slow start to finish the regular season with a fourth-place tie, thanks mostly to LeSoine's offensive and defensive contributions.  The rookie finished seventh in hitting (.534), eighth in OPS (1.306), and ninth in RBIs (34).  He also won a gold glove award for his outstanding fielding.


Runner Up: Josh Amosson

The Hank Hunsinger Sportsman of the Year

Justin "Juice" Blakeslee

The “Sportsman of the Year Award” is named after Hank Hunsinger, perennial good sport and the SRL's inaugural winner in 2013. 


A good guy on and off the field, "Juice" plays the game with abandon but always with a smile and kind words for the opposition.


Plays of the Year
 Defensive Play of the Year

Beau Reznak

Date: May 31, 2015

Opponents: Westside Washout and Wiffleball Junkies

Play: (Details Coming Soon)

Runner Up: Beau Reznak of the Westside Washout against EPS (Details Coming Soon) August 9, 2015.

Clutch Hit of the Year
  Jordan Kotowski

Date: May 31, 2015

Opponents: Westside Washout and Wiffleball Junkies

Play: Jordan hit a two-run walk off single off league Player of the Year "Juice" Blakeslee in the bottom of the sixth inning for the 3-2 victory.

Runner Up: Amanda Kapes game-winning home run against WST  on June 21, 2015 was also the first homer hit by a female in SRL history.

  Clutch Pitch of the Year
 John Walsh


Date: July 28, 2015

Opponents: EPS and Dupont Hennas

Play: With two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth inning, John struck out the batter to preserve a 9-8 victory over the.

Runner Up: Billy "The Kid" Columbo ending an EPS rally for the 11-10 win on June 1, 2014.








The Blue Slugger Award

In recognition of the league's top hitters












AVG: .558 (6th)

Runs: 35 (10th)

HR: 5 (5th)

OBP: .564 (10th)

OPS: 1.336 (6th)


AVG: .576 (4th)

Runs: 40 (7th)

HR: 11 (1st)

RBI: 51 (2nd)

OBP: .564 (10th)

OPS: 1.573 (2nd)




AVG: .638 (1st)

HR: 5 (5th)

OBP: .720 (1st)

OPS: `1.651 (1st)




AVG: .588 (2nd)

HR: 6 (2nd)

RBI: 35 (8th)

OPS: 1.456 (4th)





AVG: .531 (28th)

Runs: 42 (6th)

HR: 6 (2nd)

RBI: 36 (7th)

OBP: .663 (3rd)

OPS: 1.507 (3rd)




Most Improved Player

Avi “Jewgernaut” Slone

After putting up mediocre numbers in 2013 and playing only two games last year, the "Jewgernaut" became an offensive juggernaut in 2015.  He hit all four of his career homers, good for eighth on the season.  He also finished second in RBIs (48), fifth in runs scored (43), seventh in OBP (.649), and tenth in OPS (1.285). 

Runner Up: Jared Smigelski


Most Improved Pitcher

Amanda Kapes

After a winless campaign for Serenity Street last season, the 2014 Dangerfield champions were in the playoff hunt deep into the 2015 season thanks mostly to Amanda's improved pitching.  She increased her win total (0 to 4) and strikeout tally (38 to 84) while dramatically improving in ERA (18.16 to 8.19) and WHIP (4.66 to 3.22).  

Runner Up: Billy "The Kid" Columbo


Rookie of the Year

Ross LeSoine

Ross played more like a veteran than a rookie for the 2015 season.  He finished seventh in hitting (.534), eighth in OPS (1.306), and ninth in RBIs (34).  He also won a gold glove award for his outstanding fielding. 

Runner Up: Jake LeSoine


Rookie Pitcher of the Year

Chris "Bloomdingo" Bloom

Chris had a rough beginning to his pitching career, going 0-2 with a 30.38 ERA after his first two starts.  He improved dramatically from that point, finishing with a 4-5 record and an ERA of 14.40, and he led all rookies in most of the major pitching categories.

Runner Up: Josh Amosson


2015 Gold Glove Awards













Justin "Juice" Blakeslee:  Justin's has excellent hands and speed as he played exceptional defense in the outfield and on the mound and occasionally in the infield.

Jordan Kotowski: Jordan utilized his great speed and hands to become the top right fielder in the league.

Ross LeSoine: Ross was a steady presence in the field for the inaugural season for EPS.

Brian Novitski: Brian made nearly all of the routine plays and occasionally made some some spectacular ones throughout his rookie season..

Beau Reznak: Whether it be from the outfield, third base, or the pitchers mound, Beau was the most consistent and successful fielder in the SRL for the 2015 season.  




Coach of the Year

Chris “Bloomdingo” Bloom


Chris did not allow an 0-6 start to ruin the season for the upstart EPS squad.  He kept them focused with defensive drills and motivated with impassioned speeches and a steady improvement resulted in a fourth-place tie with the Cobras for the final playoff spot.

Runner Up: Amanda Kapes



 Base Runner of the Year

Jordan Kotowski


Jordan ran the bases with abandon and rarely experienced a negative result from his efforts. He frequently turned groundouts into singles and regularly succeeded in taking extra bases that most players would never even attempt.

Runner Up: Justin "Whitebeard" Whitebread

Comeback Player of the Year

Nick Cholewa


Nick slumped in 2014 after an all-star season in 2013.  He returned to form in 2015 with another all-star appearance. 


World Series MVP

Bob Loftus


Bob was the top pitcher and hitter in the series.  In the series-clinching game two, Bob tossed a three-hit shutout with thirteen strikeouts and no walks.  Offensively, he added three runs and two RBIs on six hits and four walks in a series that saw few base runners and only six total runs scored.

In twenty-seven innings of postseason ball, this dynamic duo did not allow a single run and they combined for a staggering total of seventy-three strike outs.


Runner Up:

Zach "Artim Bomb": Zach was the winning pitcher in game one of the series, allowing only one run in twelve innings with thirty-one strikeouts.


All-Star Game MVP

John Devers


John was the top player in the Special K's All-Stars lopsided 10-4 victory over Beau Reznak's squad.  He was the winning pitcher, allowing one run in two innings of work, and he had four hits and scored four runs from the leadoff position. 


Home Run Derby Champion

Josh Sorber


Sixteen players competed in the 2015 home run derby, the same number as the last two seasons.  Half of the competitors were shut out or hit only one, with Zach "Artim Bomb" (4), "Juice" Blakeslee (4), "Beefcake" Brieling (4), Jared Smigelski (5), Hank Hunsinger (10), and "Sorbz" Sorber (11) advancing to the second round.

Artim (4), Blakeslee (7), Brieling (10), and Smigelski (12) failed to make the finals as Sorber and Wiffleball Junkies teammate Hunsinger both quit the round after locking up a trip to the final round with thirteen.

Hunsinger cooled off in the finals, hitting only five, but Sorber got even hotter and belted fourteen to claim his second consecutive derby championship.