Elm Street Turf Field Usage Policy

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Elm Street Recreation Complex

Usage Policies for Artificial Turf Field


For the Fall 2014 sports season (and to be revisited thereafter), the Borough of Florham Park is opening the Artificial Turf Field ONLY and its related amenities (raised bleachers, press box, bleachers, etc.).  All natural grass fields and adjacent grass areas need to remain closed for the Fall 2014 sports season in order to allow the grass seed to root and establish itself to a point where it can tolerate the demands of sports play.  Some of the requirements below are specific to the Fall 2014 sports season as a result.  Further, it should not be anticipated that construction of the Snack Shack and restrooms within it will be completed for the Fall 2014 sports season, but should anticipate the use of temporary porta-johns near the Artificial Turf Field in the interim.


·      The artificial turf field is to be used for the intended sports purposes only – soccer, football, cheerleading and lacrosse.  For the Fall 2014 sports season, this is limited to organized, supervised Club and Recreational Department sports with proper permits and will not be open to casual, unstructured, unsupervised use or those not obtaining a permit through the Recreation Department.  The entire site may be closed to vehicle access when not in use.

·      A usage permit must be obtained by the Recreation Department before an organized sport/activity can take place.   As part of the permitting process through the Recreation Department, club sports must agree to adhere to and provide opposing teams with a copy of this “Usage Policies for Artificial Turf Field” document and the attached “FieldTurf Maintenance and Sample Warranty”.  In addition, each Club and Recreational Sport must identify a Field Marshal to be present at every game, practice, or event held at the Artificial Turf Field.  The Field Marshal will be the designated representative for the Club or Recreational Sport who will be held responsible for adherence to the Field Usage Policy, the “FieldTurf Maintenance and Sample Warranty”, and, as stated above, will be responsible for keeping all players and spectators off the grass areas during the Fall 2014 season.

·      If the artificial turf field is deemed closed by the Department of Public Works, the closure will be communicated to sports club leaders by the Recreation Department. Please do not hold activities. Field lights will not be turned on.  If a practice or game is canceled by the Club or Recreational Sport, contact information will be provided to the Club or Sport at the time of permitting so that Artificial Turf Lights can be turned off when not in use.

·      If a sports club or organization has a permit for field use, it has priority to the field before any other groups or pick-up games.  Again, for Fall 2014 sports season, no casual or pick-up game use will be allowed.

·      The following footwear is acceptable within the artificial turf field boundary: sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, boots (without spike heals), and non-metal cleats.  Metal cleats are prohibited.

·      Spectators are to remain OUTSIDE the enclosed fenced in area at all times.

·      The following items are representative of the items prohibited inside the artificial turf field boundary and include: food; liquids other than water; lawn chairs of any kind, collapsible tents, gasoline; chewing gum; sunflower seeds; tobacco products; alcohol; matches; lighters; glass; fireworks; driving stakes; golf tees; dogs; animal waste; tape; javelins; golf clubs; umbrellas; heating and cooking equipment; and any sharp objects that can cause damage to the artificial turf field, players, coaches, spectators, and ground crews. The artificial turf field boundary should be kept free of debris, leaves, paper, bodily fluids, and windblown material.

·      While only water is permissible on the artificial turf field, if liquids/bodily fluids other than water are accidentally spilled on the artificial turf field, the area should be cleaned with water as soon as possible to avoid bugs being attracted to the area or apparel being stained.

·      Mud and dirt should be cleaned from cleats before and after using the artificial turf field.

·      Training devices, such as sleds and tackling dummies, are NOT allowed within the artificial turf field boundary.

·      Coaches and players should not attempt to do the following to the artificial turf field or the infill: clean, drag, sweep, groom, aerate, paint, top dress, bleach, blow leaves, remove animal waste, or remove snow or water.

·      No driving, biking, sledding, roller blading, roller skating, golfing, or skateboarding within the artificial turf field boundary.

·      No disposing of ice chest or water coolers onto the artificial turf field.

·      Open flames of any kind are prohibited.

·      Any equipment used on the field must be lifted and carried for placement. Do not drag. Protect the turf surface from sharp or pointed edges of objects or equipment placed on the field. When goals or other equipment are moved, they should be carried or moved on wheels. Dragging game or practice goals damages the turf surface.

·      Do not bring portable benches, goals, tents, canopies, etc. onto the artificial turf field.  Do not stake anything into the ground on the artificial turf field.  Only approved goals and field equipment may be used.

·      Spitting on the artificial turf field is prohibited.

·      Both home and visiting teams are responsible for leaving the artificial turf field as clean as it was found. When teams are done, participants must remove anything left by players, coaches, officials, or spectators – such as trash, athletic tape, athletic equipment, apparel, bottles, mouth guards, etc.

·      Please notify Florham Park Police Department and Recreation Department immediately if damage, burns, singe marks, non-permitted painting, vandalism, graffiti, or bodily fluids are discovered on the artificial turf field.

·      If you hear or see lightning or thunder, or if the warning siren blows, immediately suspend your activities. Instruct everyone to go to a safe place, such as a sturdy building or car. Do not resume your activity until 30 minutes after thunder or lightning was last seen or heard.

·      Children should be supervised by adults at all times.

·      According to Ordinance #12-1, leashed dogs may be brought onto Florham Park playing fields and open recreational areas. Owners must curb, control, and clean up after their dogs. Dogs may not run at-large. However, dogs are prohibited within the gated boundaries of the artificial turf field.

·      Please note that according to Ordinance #11-74, alcohol may not be consumed or distributed on Florham Park playing fields or open recreational areas.

·      The above policies may be changed at any time.